More Wedding info…

Okie dokie, I got a couple things for the wedding. Brandon got me the perfume I wanted to wear that day. It’s by Oscar De La Renta and it smells amazing! This is the same perfume my dad got my mom back in 97′. It’s hard to find so I was surprised when I saw at the store in the mall. I got it at the store Fragrance Station. I was going to get a different perfume by Oscar De La Renta but I saw this and asked Brandon if he liked the smell of it and he does. He likes it better then the one I wanted to get (^_^).

Oscar de la renta parfum

I ordered the champagne glasses off of amazon and I had to send them back and get new ones. The first ones I got one of the glasses was cracked. So we called amazon and the lady was super nice and helped with getting a new set sent to me over night. They match the cake server and knife. Those came in perfect condition. So, no worries with those.



I’m planing on dying my hair back to black this Saturday or Sunday. I already got my hair cut. I still need to get my nails done. I want to get a facial when I get my nails done but I dunno how long it’ll take so we’ll see (^_^). We’re gonna have the bachelorette party next weekend. Not doing anything special. Going out to lunch then out to the casino. I don’t drink and I don’t like bars anyways so I figured the casino would be nice. Gamble away $20 then go home. It’ll be great if someone wins. I have all my makeup that I’m going to use the day of. I ended up getting Ben Nye and I like it a lot better then the Clinique that I tried out. It doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s a lot more pigmented then the Clinique. Well, it’s stage makeup. Sense it is stage makeup at least I know it’ll last for awhile. In the picture I have the Ben Nye foundation, highlight, neutral set setting powder, and final seal a setting spray. I love the final seal, makes the makeup last a lot longer. Another reason why I like this better is cause all this together cost the same as the Clinique foundation alone.

Ben nye

Well, that’s it for now. besides getting the final count of who’s coming so we can pay the catering and the cake. I’ll post again about the wedding when I dye my hair or if anything else happens for the wedding before then lol.

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