Makeup & Nails…

Here’s what I got so far this month far as beauty is concerned. That I didn’t get in a beauty box.

I got the first two at RIte Aid…

Halloween lip gloss in a silver skull container
Jesse’s girl Waterproof Eyeliner pen

RiteAid 9.26.2013

Got these from Walgreens the other day (^_^)…
Got the Disney villains nail art kit. They had a few to pick from but I just grabbed the Evil Queen. I liked the colors the most in this one. Comes with flat brush, foil tape, nail art sheet, faux rhinestone sticker sheet, HD glitters, caviar beads, and lastly a to coat polish. The left nail polish is called “In Too Deep”. The one on the right is called “Rudy-dolph”. Lastly I got a lipstick from the Fergie collection. Its in the color “Pagan Angel”. Believe it or not this is the only black lipstick I own. I used to to just eyeliner pencil and gloss to get black lips lol.

Villians nail kit
nail polish Walgreens Oct 7
Pagan Angel

Grabbed these from Fred Myers yesterday…
Ardell individual lashes, NYX pore filler, then lastly NYX jumbo pencil in milk. Needed the pore filler and lashes for the wedding. Grabbed the NYX jumbo pencil cause every time I go to Ulta it’s never in stock so I wanted to get it when I could.

tiny haul fred myers

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