Crazy Month…


Omg this month has been busy. The wedding is in a couple days. I'm very excited. Meeting new people and seeing family is always good. Though, I have been slacking on my beauty boxes and what not. I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off this month. I have 5 posts that I need to do on here. I still gotta edit the pics. i got my glossy box, ipsy, Glamourdolleyes Halloween Collection, and a couple things that I purchased. I'll try to post them tomorrow but no promises. The wedding is on Tuesday. So I might not post anything till after. We'll see if I have time to do them. I'll try to make time. (^_^)

More Wedding info…


Okie dokie, I got a couple things for the wedding. Brandon got me the perfume I wanted to wear that day. It’s by Oscar De La Renta and it smells amazing! This is the same perfume my dad got my mom back in 97′. It’s hard to find so I was surprised when I saw at the store in the mall. I got it at the store Fragrance Station. I was going to get a different perfume by Oscar De La Renta but I saw this and asked Brandon if he liked the smell of it and he does. He likes it better then the one I wanted to get (^_^).

Oscar de la renta parfum

I ordered the champagne glasses off of amazon and I had to send them back and get new ones. The first ones I got one of the glasses was cracked. So we called amazon and the lady was super nice and helped with getting a new set sent to me over night. They match the cake server and knife. Those came in perfect condition. So, no worries with those.



I’m planing on dying my hair back to black this Saturday or Sunday. I already got my hair cut. I still need to get my nails done. I want to get a facial when I get my nails done but I dunno how long it’ll take so we’ll see (^_^). We’re gonna have the bachelorette party next weekend. Not doing anything special. Going out to lunch then out to the casino. I don’t drink and I don’t like bars anyways so I figured the casino would be nice. Gamble away $20 then go home. It’ll be great if someone wins. I have all my makeup that I’m going to use the day of. I ended up getting Ben Nye and I like it a lot better then the Clinique that I tried out. It doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s a lot more pigmented then the Clinique. Well, it’s stage makeup. Sense it is stage makeup at least I know it’ll last for awhile. In the picture I have the Ben Nye foundation, highlight, neutral set setting powder, and final seal a setting spray. I love the final seal, makes the makeup last a lot longer. Another reason why I like this better is cause all this together cost the same as the Clinique foundation alone.

Ben nye

Well, that’s it for now. besides getting the final count of who’s coming so we can pay the catering and the cake. I’ll post again about the wedding when I dye my hair or if anything else happens for the wedding before then lol.

Coastal Scents Order…

I got these in the mail yesterday and I'm very happy with it.
Ordered a Camo Quad in light. The swatches go clockwise.
9 shadows in the colors Light Taupe, Timeless Taupe, Chocolatier, Deep Roast, Indigo Dream, Blue Moon, Light Blue, Pacific Opal, and lastly Island Breeze.
They also sent a eye shadow sample quad. The colors in it was Island Breeze, Indigo Dream, Light Slate, and lastly Miami Spice.

CS Camo Quad W S
CS Brown with Swatch
CS Blue and Swatch
CS Sample Q with S

Makeup & Nails…


Here’s what I got so far this month far as beauty is concerned. That I didn’t get in a beauty box.

I got the first two at RIte Aid…

Halloween lip gloss in a silver skull container
Jesse’s girl Waterproof Eyeliner pen

RiteAid 9.26.2013

Got these from Walgreens the other day (^_^)…
Got the Disney villains nail art kit. They had a few to pick from but I just grabbed the Evil Queen. I liked the colors the most in this one. Comes with flat brush, foil tape, nail art sheet, faux rhinestone sticker sheet, HD glitters, caviar beads, and lastly a to coat polish.┬áThe left nail polish is called “In Too Deep”. The one on the right is called “Rudy-dolph”.┬áLastly I got a lipstick from the Fergie collection. Its in the color “Pagan Angel”. Believe it or not this is the only black lipstick I own. I used to to just eyeliner pencil and gloss to get black lips lol.

Villians nail kit
nail polish Walgreens Oct 7
Pagan Angel

Grabbed these from Fred Myers yesterday…
Ardell individual lashes, NYX pore filler, then lastly NYX jumbo pencil in milk. Needed the pore filler and lashes for the wedding. Grabbed the NYX jumbo pencil cause every time I go to Ulta it’s never in stock so I wanted to get it when I could.

tiny haul fred myers

Thrift Store…


Went thrift store shopping and picked up these goodies. Far left was $3, the two in the middle was $1 and the far right was $11. I'm so happy with them. Also got a pair of black boots that are super cute! Those were $6. I absolutely love the clock necklace I got. I wear it all the time. Same with the boots. These are from 2 different thrift stores here in town. I'd like to get more but I have to wait till after the wedding for that hehe…

Thrift store jewelry haul Sep 17
Boots from thrift sept 17



Here's September's and August's Ipsy bags…

August Ipsy 2013

Ipsy – August 16 2013
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69(loved!)
Micheal Todd Pumpkin Rich Facial Mask(gave away, couldn't use)
Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream(still need to try this lol)
Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black (did not like this!)
Chella Dazzling Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil(love this! Use it everyday.)
Purple and Gold Satin Bag

Sept Ipsy 2013

Ipsy – September 18 2013
It's So Big Volumizing Mascara(need to try this still)
NYX Single Eye Shadow in the color Velvet Suede(So Beautiful!)
Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil(still need to try)
John Freida's Full Repair Full Body Shampoo(already use and love)
John Freida's Full Repair Full Body Conditioner(already use and love)
Royal Blue bag with floral design



BeautyArmy from July till this month…

July 2013 BeautyArmy

BeautyArmy – July 8 2013
LIFT LAB Lift & Moisturize
OWN Lifting Eye Cream
COTZ Face for Natural Skin Tones
MINI KITTOUR 5ml PP Refillable Jar Set
YES TO… Eye Firming Treatment

August Beauty Army 2013

BeautyArmy – August 5 2013
BIKINI SOFT Shave Oil & Razor Saver in Citrus Bliss
COLORSMASH Hair Shadow in Gold Rush
PIDA Exfoliating Gel
REMINGTON Anywear Elastics
SKIIN Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream
Addiction NV Cosmetics gel liner in Trouble Maker

Sept BeautyArmy 2013

Beauty Army – September 5 2013
AMLACTIN Moisturizing Body Lotion
COTZ Face for Natural Skin Tones
ITRAIN Downloadable Workouts Gift Card
REMINGTON Anywear Elastics
MARULA Pure Marula Facial Oil
SKIIN Instant Skin Tightener & Line Filler
Mystery Gift Mighty Leaf Iced Tea in Ginger Peach

October Beauty army  2013

Beauty Army – October 7 2013
AMLACTIN Moisturizing Body Lotion
ITRAIN Downloadable Workouts Gift Card
REMINGTON Anywear Elastics
NYL Velvet Transformative Serum
AGAVE Oil Treatment
COOLWAY Transform Set

Glamourdoll Eyes OTMs…


Here's the GlamourDoll Eye OTM's I've gotten sense July…


GDE OTM – July 15 2013
This month I got the shadow "Sherbert". This was an extra month so I also got another
shadow called "Chasen" along with Glamourdolleyes polish in "Sherbert". It is the same
color as the shadow. They teamed up with Kiss My Sass this month and put a lipstick sample
in the OTM as well. The lippy is called "Emma". They also put 4 starbursts in the bag too.
The bag is a soft pink see through mesh. Very happy with this months OTM.

August GDE OTM 2013

GDE OTM – August 16 2013
This month's OTM is a Purple Shadow named "Suzy Q". This was an extra month so I also got,
Miss Adora Lashes in #43. A purple Nail polish from Black Luna Nail Laquer in the color
"Repunzl". Also got two Dum Dum suckers in the flavors Blueberry and a Mystery Flavor. It
all came in a Lilac colored Silk bag.

Sept GDE OTM 2013

GDE OTM – September 16 2013
Silver Satin Bag with Velvet on one side
Shadow In Pixie Dust It's a grey silver with purple and Blue Sparkle
Wonka Fun Dip in Cherry Yum Diddly Dip