Small update…

I’m trying to post more on here. Trying to be more active and social. Key word there is “trying”. So lets see here… what’s new is the question…
Wedding – My maid of honor ordered her dress to wear. Not sure about my other bridesmaid. My mom found a dress she really like but it’s one we’ll have to save for. Still trying to figure out my makeup for the day. I want something that’s not gonna melt off or break me out after an hr of wearing it. So I figure try out a couple drug store foundations. If they don’t work out I’ll take them back and I might have to get a more expensive one. I’m hoping I can find one that’s cheap. I need to cut corners where ever I can. But I also want to look good. So we’ll see what happens. Still waiting for people to let me know if they’ll make it to the wedding. I wish the price for catering wasn’t so expensive. that’s where most of our money is going.

Family – Not much going on with the family.
Food – Been eating a lot of instant noodles, gluten-free of course. But sense we’re saving for the wedding we can’t afford much for food. So I’m having a really good dinner after the wedding. Though, knowing myself I’m still gonna try to save for something else lol.
Movies – A lot of movies I want to see but can’t go to. Mom and dad got my a couple movies for my birthday. Though, they got me one I already have so sadly we had to take it back. Mom just gave me the money for returning the movie. They also gave me a little bit of money to spend. Haven’t decided what I want to get yet.
Health – Not much change.
Books – Trying to get back into reading. Right now reading some stuff of gluten-free things. Seeing what I can do to help my tummy more. But first I’m catching up on anime. I watch it in Japanese with subtitles so that’s reading too. I think that counts for reading. lol.
Makeup – Not much change. Haven’t been able to shop very much. So sad…
I suppose that’s it for now. I’ll post again if I think of anything…. till next time… latzerz!

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