Updating on my life…

So sorry it's been so long sense I've posted anything on here. Been busy and tired the past couple weeks. It's hard to think when feeling drained of everything. So, here's an update on a few things that's been happening sense my last update.

Wedding – Found the shoes I want for the wedding. Here's the link for the shoes http://www.ebay.com/itm/121110907956. So happy, they're very close to what I've been looking for. Crossing my fingers that they fit me (^_^). I'm also thinking of getting a corset to wear at the wedding and maybe before the wedding. Gotta measure myself. Hopefully I can find one where I can at least do some waist training. It'll also help my poster. We meet with the wedding planer in August so talk about decorations and what not. My brother is going to be recording the wedding for us and his wife Crystal is going to be taking pictures. That saves us some moneys. My other sis-in-law Cassie will be doing the music. So excited! I'm happy everyone is getting involved too. I'm hoping to get the stuff to make the bouquets soon. Yeah, making fake ones. But at least I know I can keep it for a long time that way.(^_^).
Family – Okay, so what's been going on with the Fam… Well, first… It was my dad's birthday Friday. He turned 48. He's not happy about it. But, oh well. My grandpa is gonna be having heart surgery. Not sure on the date. Have to ask mom again. Hope everything goes okay. Hmm, what else? Oh Brandon got a job at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant here in town. He likes it so far. I guess they have a singing waiter there too.
Food – Still going with Gluten-free. Tummy still doing good.
Movies – There's plenty of movies I want to see. Though, can't go to the theaters now sense we're saving for the wedding. So we're waiting for everything to come out on DVD to watch. We watched "Identity Theft" the other day that was a good movie. Not as funny as I had hoped it would've been but it was still a good movie. I want to see "The Purge" that just came out Friday. So gonna impatiently wait for it to come out on DVD. Dad really wants to see it too. Oh, I also want to see "Iron Man 3" and the new "Hansel and Gretel" movie. I still need to buy the last "Twilight" movie. Can't wait for December to roll around so we can see the next Hobbit movie. Oh, "Thor: The Dark World" Is coming out November 8th this year too. Excited for that too. Yeah, there's a lot of movies I want to see lol.
Health – My blood pressure is back to normal. It was a bit high for a while there. But I was able to get it back down to normal. Makes me happy sense high blood pressure does run in the family. Oh I've lost weight. I weighed 237 last i checked. So I've lost 20 lbs sense the beginning of the year. Another thing that makes me happy. We don't have a scale here so I'm not sure if I've lost more in the past couple weeks sense I weighed my self last. I can only hope that I have.
Been feeling really tired lately though. Just can't seem to wake up in the mornings lately. It's a bit annoying to be honest. I dunno just been drained. Maybe it's the weather heating up that's making me feel this way.
Games – Haven't really played many games lately. Except what's on my phone. Which is BINGO and a Bubble Totem. Oh, I just  remembered, mom and me went to the BINGO hall last month for mothers day. We didn't win anything but we had fun. I didn't post an update last month. I should have. Anyways, yeah, I haven't been playing any games really. Though, I have been missing WoW lately. But my comp is on the fritz so I get to miss it weather I like it or not.
Books – Haven't been reading much still. Thinking about it lately. But I don't know if I'll read anything if I don't have too.
Makeup – Still putting aside money for the wedding too. Feel so broke. I splurged this month on the Ariel Palette from Sephora. I shouldn't have but I was being impatient about getting it. I'm still trying to find makeup for the wedding. I want to get some L'Oreal Infallible shadows. There's three colors that I want to get as a possibility for the wedding. My main concern is foundation and concealer. I know what blush I want to use. I won't know about lip stuff till closer to the day of. Though, I'm pretty sure I'll just go with a light gloss. Still gotta get the bronzer that I want. Might get it next month. I want to film tutorials on YouTube But I'm still trying to figure out the lighting situation. I have so many Ideas that I want to try out and no light to film them in.

Hmmm, what else to talk about?

I'm not sure, so I'll just leave this post where it is. So till next time. Laterz!

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