Okay, as always I'm slacking. So let's do another update as to what's been happening with my sense the middle of the month (^_^).

Well, first my Best friend left for Kentucky. So, she's far away. No matter how much I wanted to tie her up and lock her in a closet I restrained myself. I let her go. *sigh* Besides she would've liked that a bit too much LOL. Anyways, She's happy and that's all that matters to me. I will be kidnapping her for my wedding. There's no if's and's or but's about it. She's going to be here. hehe *evil thoughts* muwahahahaha. *cough* hmm, where was I? Oh yea, so she's down there. The rest of my family doesn't have much happening with them. Well, nothing major.
day cindy left
Next Subject! Food-
Brandon's and my 2 year anniversary was on the 25th this month. We spent the day at the mall. It was lunch time when we got there. We went to chilie's This is what we got!
Brandon got a Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Garlic bread.
brandon lunch
And I got the Caribbean Salad with Chicken. We had the choice of Chicken or Shrimp for both dishes. As you can see we both went with chicken. It was yummy! There's not many gluten free stuff on the menu. So, I didn't have very many options. Kinda sucked. But oh well, not many people out there have gluten free things on their menu's. I've come to find. Anyways, after that we did some unnecessary shopping 😛
my lunch
We went to the sweets factory! I have the colorful bag and Brandon has the darker one. The pop rocks and Hello Kitty are mine too (^_^)
This is a 5 lbs Gummy Bear! This is with it in the box…
gummy bear
This is without the box… It's on my Gothic Beauty Magazine to show how big it is… Brandon did take it to work and shared it with everyone. including the students (^_^)
gummy bear out of box

Haven't been playing any games very much. Not sense I canceled my WoW membership. Though, Brandon bought Resident Evil 6 I believe it's the 6th one. I'm not sure. Anyway, he got the newest one out. And he's been hooked to that. Otherwise not much else with games.

Okay, the wedding… Well, we went and met with the ministers. That went great. We gave them a deposit to reserve the day. The person who's going to do it is super nice. I'm really happy with them. Then after that we went and met with the cake decorator. She was super nice too. Not many places do gluten-free so I don't have many options with it. But it's okay I really like the taste of the cupcakes that she makes. So it all works out. Other wise not much else going on with the wedding planing stuff. 

Brandon and me went to see The Croods on our anniversary. It was a really good movie. I love Belt (^_^) I want to buy it when it comes out. I know my dad wants to see it too. It's not so much of a love story as it is about a father understanding that change is okay. That it's okay for you to stray off the beaten path. New idea's can help you, not everything is going to kill you. So yeah, it was a good movie.

the croods

Well, my health hasn't changed much. Still doing the gluten free thing. and I helps my stomach so much. I do miss eating a lot of things but I'll live with out them. Oh and I'm trying to work out. not doing as much as Brandon I'll admit but I'm doing some. He's doing the P90X and he's slimming down a lot! He looks really good. I'm so proud of him. I'm trying to get where he's at. I know it'll take time, the main thing is I'm trying. But other wise not much else health wise.

Okay, I splurged while we were at the mall as you can tell just by the blush… This is a Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr blush in the color Dollface. I'm planning on wearing this at my wedding. It's so nice I really like Tarte blushes. Plus, this is the only Matte one out of them. I prefer matte blushes over shimmery sense I can get pretty oily on my cheeks. T zone get's dry and cheeks get oily… Weird I know… anyways… I'm planing on buying bronzer, foundation, eyeliner, gloss, highlighter, concealer, and mascara for the wedding. So, I'm gonna have a couple other expensive products posted on here later on. I have this for now. 


I took a pic of Brandon while we were at Chilie's. He actually had a mouth full of food when I took this hehe 😛 But he's so cute! I love my Teddy Bear!


I also went to Vanity. It was funny, Brandon and me were walking to GNC for him and I glanced into Vanity. And I saw these boots all the way in the back of the store on the side of the wall. Be surprised I saw them. I made a quick turn into the store and Brandon didn't even notice that I had went in till he was a few stores down hehe. Anyways, I love these boots! They had gold and silver and the gold was screaming "Buy me! Buy me!" I couldn't pass them up.


So, sense it was buy one get one half off. I got these earrings too hehe :p


Though, before we went to lunch we went to Barns and Noble. I wanted to grab the magazine Gothic Beauty. I love this magazine. While I was looking at guest books for the wedding I saw this Jack Skellington Journal. I couldn't pass it up. Yay!


After we left the mall mom took us to a mexican restaurant called Atilanos. I got nacho's. Brandon got a steak, shrimp, chicken, fajita thingy. He was happy and so was I. We had an amazing day. I love spending days like that with him. Just going to have lunch and spend some time together I'm a happy little girl.

Anyways, that's pretty much what's been going on with me the past two weeks. I'll post again when I got more (^_^). So, till next time. Laterz!

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