Well, i figured sense i haven't updated about my life for awhile on here, that i should at least post something…
Wedding – we're getting the mansion paid in full this next week and going to also make the catering contract. We're not sure how much we'll end up paying for catering till a week before the wedding. That's when we should have a final count of all who is coming. I've sent out all the invitations Monday. So, everyone should be getting one. Even if we know they're not coming, i wanted them to still get one and have an engagement photo of us. I've gotten my wedding dress and am looking for the perfect shoes now. From the looks of things i might have to order them online. But that's okay, I found a really cute pair on there. I still need to call a bakery for a cake and find out the prices. Also, reserve the cake and cupcakes for the day. I found who i want to be the minister for the wedding, I need to call them and set up everything. Still need to buy the rings too and get the bridesmaid dresses. I went to a wedding expo this last weekend and some of the venders looked a bit annoyed when i told them that i didn't need them. Oh well, I want to be organized. I won't have as much anxiety if I'm organized and get things done early. I rather be early then be getting everything the last minute.

Movies – Watched "Lincoln" the other night. It was a good movie. Not like, 'OMG you must watch it' more like 'it's good, if your in a historical mood'. I'll put it this way, if you liked the "Kings Speech" you'll like "Lincoln" (^_^). Brandon bought "Les Miserables" that's such a good movie. Oh and mom bought "The Hobbit". It's such a good movie, it's gonna be one of the favorites like "Lord of the Rings".

Books – Haven't been reading mush. Just haven't been in the mood.

Games – Haven't been playing games much. Been getting really motion sick lately.

Makeup – Well, I've been posting on here the makeup I've been getting. So, haven't bought much sense we're saving up for the wedding. It's sad but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. So, if I buy any makeup now it's going to be meant for the wedding or a possibility to use for the wedding. I already know what Foundation I want and that's Makeup Forever HD. It's suppose to be the best for combination skin and for weddings. I'm hoping it works for me. I'm thinking about getting a sample so I can see how my skin will react to it. I'm thinking about getting MAC's Mineral powder to set it all with too. For blush I want Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12 hr blush in Doll Face. It's a nice light pink and it's matte. I want to be able to control how much shine is on my face the day of. I'm trying to find a waterproof eyeliner in nude. Rimmel London seems to be popular, maybe I'll order that online and give it a try. Not sure about mascara at the moment. I just know I want that waterproof too. We know there's going to be a few tears that day so I want to be prepared LOL. For lips I'm going to do simple nude color. Prolly just use a lip plumper or something. Oh and I want to get Urban Decay setting spray and primer potion. I don't need to worry about my eyebrows they're full enough. Just gonna get them waxed a couple days before. I'll figure out the eye shadow that day. I haven't picked out a concealer, gotta find what works best for around the eyes mostly. Sense I have fine lines around my eyes.  

Health – Not much new going on with my health. Still have stomach problems. But I'm really trying to lose weight. I'm tired of being this big and knocking things down with my butt when I walk by something.

youtube – Haven't been making many video's. Only been posting about my beauty boxes. Still thinking about the makeup tutuorials. I have the makeup to do it. I think once I can get a area in the house that I feel comfertable doing and filming my makeup then I'll start doing them. But we'll see what happens.

Family – Not much going on with the family.

Okay, I don't know what else to put down so this is it for now. Till next time. Laterz!

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