Wedding stuff…

Well, I wanted to give an update on some wedding stuff. So, first of all I got the topper for the wedding cake… Well, we're actually gonna have cheese cake instead lol. So yeah, I got this off of amazon for $15 I'm really happy with it. I wanted bears because Brandon calls me snuggle bear and I call him my teddy bear. I also got the hair clips for the brides maids and a comb for my mom. We're slowly picking out everyone's clothes for the wedding. Trying to figure out our budget. We're gonna go in and look at the Patsy Clark Mansion here in Spokane to do the wedding and reception. So far it's the cheapest place and they said we can make payments to pay it off which is great for us. And the price includes food too which is also really nice. They're customizing it to my dietary needs, that's a plus. Though, a lot of people aren't happy that there's not going to be any alcohol there. I just don't want to risk anything cause if there's a possibility of getting the damage deposit back I want to take that possibility. So yeah, that's about it for the wedding. Oh, and I put our engagement picture on here. We're putting this pic in all the wedding invitations. I'm really happy with it, well, with everything (^_^)  
cake topper

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