Makeup Look…


This is a look I did a last week. I've been lazy posting it on here >.<  
I used billieEminerals foundation, concealer, and veil, Victoria Secret bronzer in Glowing, E.L.F. blush in the shade Shy, E.L.F. baked blush for highlight in the color Pinktastic, for eyes I used Glamourdoll Eyes primer and 3 shadows from their Circus collection in the colors Cotton Candy and Electric Chair, for liner on lid Be A Bombshell in Onyx, for waterline Urban Decay in Zero, mascara Fibre Lashxtend in black lips Ulta Lip Plumper that's it believe…

makeup look

January Beauty Boxes…


Well, I wanted to post my beauty boxes for January, though, I don't have my Glossy Box yet so that one will have a post of its own.
So here they are….

Beauty Army – There was a nail conditioning set by 'Acquarella'. In the set was a nail file, nail buffer, nail conditioner, polish remover.

beauty army jan 2013

Birchbox – Aerie shimmer fragrance, Embryolisse miracle cream, Number 4 clarifying shampoo, The Balm blush in the color Hot Mama, Deborah Lippmann stripper to go polish remover.

birchbox jan 2013

Ipsy bag – SoHo creasebrush, Big Sexy Hair hairspray, Josie Maran Argan oil, Pacifica Body butter in the scent Tuscan Blood Orange, Nail tini in the color Bloodymary, lastly a dark blue bag with white stars on the inside.

ipsy jan 2013

O.T.M. from Glamourdoll Eyes in it I got a shadow called Flourishing along with sixlets candy and a chocolate coin. Sadly I can't have the candy but that's ok. I love the shadow.

OTM GDE 2013

Popsugar – There's a stability ball, remix watch, epicuren discovery lip balm, popbar hot chocolate on a stick, jet-puffed vanilla marshmellow bits.

popsugar jan 2013

Wedding stuff…


Well, I wanted to give an update on some wedding stuff. So, first of all I got the topper for the wedding cake… Well, we're actually gonna have cheese cake instead lol. So yeah, I got this off of amazon for $15 I'm really happy with it. I wanted bears because Brandon calls me snuggle bear and I call him my teddy bear. I also got the hair clips for the brides maids and a comb for my mom. We're slowly picking out everyone's clothes for the wedding. Trying to figure out our budget. We're gonna go in and look at the Patsy Clark Mansion here in Spokane to do the wedding and reception. So far it's the cheapest place and they said we can make payments to pay it off which is great for us. And the price includes food too which is also really nice. They're customizing it to my dietary needs, that's a plus. Though, a lot of people aren't happy that there's not going to be any alcohol there. I just don't want to risk anything cause if there's a possibility of getting the damage deposit back I want to take that possibility. So yeah, that's about it for the wedding. Oh, and I put our engagement picture on here. We're putting this pic in all the wedding invitations. I'm really happy with it, well, with everything (^_^)  
cake topper

The Hobbit…


Okay, on the 13th I went with my mom and Brandon to see "The Hobbit". I loved this movie! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. Sense they're going to make this into a 3 part movie. I'm guessing that the fight with the dragon will be the in the second one and the war of the 5 races will be in the third one. Well, that's just a guess… Anyway, I just wanted to post that I loved it! 
the hobbit

Sorry I haven't been posting that much. I'm going to try to but no guarantees when our internet goes out cause someone doesn't know how to do their job. So I'm going to post everything that was supposed to be posted during that time. Laterz

A New Year…


Well, it's a new year. I celebrated new years eve sick as a dog. I'm still trying to get over it. On the brighter side of things my fiance and me have been looking around for a venue for the wedding. We've decided to do it this year. We were going to wait till next year for his family to make it up here and they said they wont be able to. So, we're having it this year. Planning everything out and waiting to hear back from venues. Hoping my cousin can do the wedding pics too. 
Hoping to go look for a wedding dress when I feel better. I'm also waiting for my friend to feel better too. I want her to help me with picking it out. hopefully the one I've been looking at looks good on me. Gonna go later this month and take engagement pics with my friend. I want to be able to send it out with the invitations. We also need to find a light blue aloha shirt for Brandon. We're not sure if we'll have grooms men so yeah. But we'll get it figured out. 
I don't have a new year resolution. 
Brandon and me went to see "Les Miserables". It was an amazing movie! I want to go see it again. They way they filmed it was amazing. Sense they filmed it with them singing instead of doing a pre-made cd to lip sink to. It really felt like they were actually experiencing the events. It was very well played out. All the actors did an amazing job. I'm still hoping to see "The Hobbit" but we'll see


So not much else to post on here. I'll post more when I have more. So till next time. Laterz!