December 2012 beauty boxes

I wanted to post the makeup boxes I've gotten for December 2012. So here's some pictures and a short descriptions of what all in them. 


Beautyarmy beautybox in it is "not your mothers: shes a tease hair spray." "mighty leaf tea" in "green tea tropical" "skinn" twin set in the color "coral poppy" "bath and body works" shower gel in "pink chiffon" "whip hand pigment" from the camo collection in the color "green beret" then my mystery sample is "besame" "crimson rouge" for lips and cheeks. 


Glossybox in it came "incoco" nailpolish "arganics" "argan oil" "skin and co" "truffle serum" "Glossybox blush" in "glossy rose wood" then lastly "illamasqua" liner in "2b1 honour" 


Ipsy/myglam bag. In it there's "urban decay" eyeliner in "zero" "mai couture" highlighter paper "Mirabella" primer for face and eyes "NYX" loose pearl shadow in the color "19 mink pearl" "be a bombshell" lip gloss in "hot mess" then of course the bag it all comes in.  


Birchbox in it is, "emily's chocolates" fortune cookie "juicy couture" "nick chavez beverly hills" shampoo "juice beauty" "eyeko" skinny liqud eye liner in "purple" and a card to rent a dress from "rent the runway" pretty sure I won't use it. The only 2 things I'm happy about with this box is the purfume and the eyeliner. I really don't like getting shampoo in these boxes especially when they don't come with conditioner. And I'm not happy about the chocolate because, I can't eat it and it's not gluten-free so yeah. Not the best box.  


Glamourdoll eyes O.T.M. in it I got 3 full size jars in the colors "cat in a parka" "you've got coal" and "laced with snow" then 2 samples from an upcoming collection in the colors "imitation" and "exposed". Then I got a brush from Sedona lace it's a tapered blending brush 863. Lastly i got "bright eyes" a cream highlighter I'm guessing this is going to be a new product from them. Oh and i also got a small candy cane. 


Pop sugar must have box. In it was "bodum bistro mugs" "tea forte" "jaboneria marianelle soaps" "pinch provisions minimergacy kit" then lastly "bogdons peppermint poles". I'll admit I'm not too thrilled with this box but oh well. Mugs are nice and I'll use the tea. I dunno if I'll use the little kit they sent. Might use the soap even though I'm not too fond of bar soap. And the candy, I can't have, so those are going to someone else.

So those are my boxes for December. I'll try to post at least these once a month. Though, I'll probably post them after I get them all so around this time next month too. I might post the other stuff I purchased, not fully sure at the moment, but I'll think about it. So that's it for now. I'll try to post more often on here. (^_^) till next time. Laterz!

Oh and here's a link to the Youtube video I made for the boxes. I share my thoughts on each box a little bit more (^_^)

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