Okay… Been awhile…

Okay it's been awhile sense I've posted anything on here. I apologize for that. I'll give you an update as to what's been going on with my life sense June. 

First – Books 
I haven't been reading that much lately. I did however read and finish the Traitor Spy Trilogy By: Trudi Canavan. That was a good series. But haven't found the interest to read much else lately. So this section is going to be short. 

Second- Movies
Okay, been watching a few movies. went to the theater a couple times with Brandon. We went to "The Possession" and to "Sinister". I want the movie "Sinister". I loved it. The demon in it, his makeup was amazing. I wish I had the stuff to re-create it. "The Possession" was a good movie too. It's freaky how it's based off of true events. We're planing on going to see "Silent Hill", "Paranormal Activity 4", "The Hobbit", "Les Miserables", And I'm going to go see the last Twilight movie. I'll go by myself if I have to. I don't know if I'll have anyone to go with to it so yea… I did get "Dark Shadow's" from the Redbox. That was good. I was already planning on getting it sense it's a Johnny Depp movie and directed by: Tim Burton. But now I want it because I liked it. 
I got the movie "The Avengers" It's amazing! I got that from Disney as well as "Thor". That too is a great movie. I can't wait for the second ones to them. Oh and I got "Howl's Moving Castle" That's a good movie. I watched it last night. It's one of those movies that puts me in my happy place LOL. Other movies that put me there are "Nightmare Before Christmas", "Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street", "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", "Emperor's New Groove", And many other's LOL I just love movies (^_^)  

Third- Makeup
Okay, I've spent way too much money on makeup lately. I of course get my beauty boxes from Ipsy/Myglam, Birchbox, Glossybox, OTM from GDE, Beauty Army, and a new one Pop Sugar(I just signed up to them so I do not know how well they work yet) I think that's all I can't think of. I've been loving all of them except I haven't been to happy with Birchbox lately and I am thinking about canceling. But we'll see. Everything else I've been really pleased with. I got a lot of Wet N' Wild products this month. If you want to see them you can see them on Instagram my name on there is lilswanbaby. I also got a magnetic palette off of Etsy from a seller by the name Anothersoul. I'm very happy with it and do plan on getting more from them for Christmas Presents. Got the Holloween collection from GDE. Madly in love with it as I always am with their products. I'm trying out a new company called I-Candycouture So we'll see how I like them. Oh and I got three palettes from ELF that my mom got for me. The last thing I got this month that I saved for over a year to get is the Sigma Bunny Collection. I'm very happy with it. They also sent me a eye shadow as a little gift that I love. I'll post more about makeup as I get it.   

Fourth- health
Still on a gluten-free diet. lost 8lbs sense I've been on it. I'm hoping to lose more. But we'll see. I need to start doing some sort of exercise to make a noticeable difference. But we'll see if I do it. I've been really tired lately, I think I'm low on vitamin D sense I keep forgetting to take it. But I'm trying to remember to take it. I don't like that I'm sleeping all the time. I've also been trying to get all the cavities taken care of. The dentist said I have about four more appointments to go till I'll be completely done with them. I had thirteen so yeah. They said it was due to lack of flossing so I floss all the time now. 

Fifth- Games
I've been playing wow on and off. I've been feeling really nauseated to play lately. But I've been trying. Sense the expansion came out it's been really fun. I love my new panda. I'm getting Assassin's Creed III tomorrow. It looks a lot more appealing them the first two that's why I'm getting it. but not much else going on with games. 
Sixth-  family
There was a new edition to our family in July. My aunt had a little boy named Gabriel. He's the cutest little guy. My sis-in-law was forced to go on the same diet as me. But her's was recommended by her doctor. I switched to gluten-free to see if it would help and it's helped a lot. But I now eat a lot of popcorn lol. My brother is getting back in to art and is thinking about doing tattooing. My other brother moved from the valley to the south hill. My niece had to have the valve replaced in her heart this month too. Ummm, what else? I can't think of anything so that's it for now on this subject. 
Senventh- holiday
Halloween is in a couple days. I'm not that excited this year for it. Not sure why. It's my favorite holiday too. Oh well, But thanksgiving is coming up and I can't wait. I want turkey! and yams… gotta have yams… We're trying to get presents for everyone before december even comes close. We're going to be ordering everything here soon for everyone. Still a few people to figure so yea. Oh and my aunt's wedding is coming up. I'm a brides maid in it so that's going to be fun. I already have my dress. I really should try it on to make sure it fits still. We'll see if I've gained for lost any weight. 
Eighth- Youtube
I've been thinking about doing makeup tutorials on youtube. I'm gonna get a cheap web cam and a couple lamps. I already have mirrors and a great deal of makeup to work with so yeah. But we'll see how things go, and see if I can even get the stuff. So that's just a thought till further notice. 
Ninth- Food
As I said before I'm on a gluten-free diet. So, I've been hooked to taffy, caramels, and popcorn. Oh and I've been eating a lot of sandwiches. or just munching on sandwich meat in general. But other wise food hasn't changed to much.

Well, I can't think of anything else to write at this moment. So till next time. Whenever I can think of something. Laterz!  

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