Slacking and what not….

I've been slacking on updating that's for sure. 

So first I got all four wisdom teeth out. Then I ended up getting dry socket which sucked big time. I did everything I'm suppose to do. I think I got it because I suck on my tongue while I sleep. I know that sounds weird but I do. I wake up at times sucking on it. That just sounds wrong…. Okay get mind out of the gutter… eh anyways… Sooooo, I was in pain for 2 weeks of this month. But it's done and over with so I'm happy. I'm not having sharp pains in my jaw anymore which I'm happy about most.
I go in next month to get 2 cavities filled. I want to get my teeth back to being healthy. The dentist said the main reason I have so many cavities is from not flossing. So I'm flossing like it's crack now. After I get all the cavities taken care of then I'm gonna worry about getting them looking whiter. But for now I'm just gonna use whitening tooth paste. Going good so far except after I got dry socket. When that happened I could barely open my mouth it hurt so much. But I'm getting back into brushing and flossing all the time now. 

Okay the past few month's I've had to change my diet drastically. I've gone onto a strict Gluten-free diet. I was having severe stomack problems, such as, heart burn, sharp pains, indigestion, irregularity. So yeah, sense I've changed to that diet I haven't had problems. I've also cut out greasy food and really acidic food. So me and fast food pretty much broke up LOL. The only time I go there is when I'm willing to be in pain all night long. Which is not happening that much. 

I got the book "Spirit War" By: Rachel Aaron. Brandon and me are house sitting for Kenny and Crystal so I'm gonna read it while here. So I'm not so bored. I'll post a review after I finish reading it. I know I've been behind on my reviews. I'm slowly working on them so please bare with me. I got a lot of makeup to try out and review as well as a lot of books to read to review so yeah. 

I've also been playing WoW again. Trying to lvl up my Druid. Got her to lvl 47. Considering how long it took me to get Ellenor up there that is an accomplishment for me LOL. But when I'm not playing WoW Brandon's playing Diablo III. He loves it. 

Oh I purchased the summer collection from Glamour Doll Eye's I also re-newed my OTM, so I'll be getting OTM's till December now. Can't wait for July's OTM. I absolutely LOVE the June one. They have a new collection coming out next month too. It's the Blogger's Collection. I do plan on getting that. Though that does mean I have to put off getting the Twilight Collection some more. Which is kinda depressing. But oh well. I'm gonna definitely get it before Breaking dawn Part II comes out. I also want to get a brush set from Sodona Lace but I'm gonna have to save up for that. Can't have it all at once sadly. 

There are a few movies that I want to go see. Such as "Snow White and The Huntsmen", "Mirror, Mirror", "Hotel Transylvania", "Wreck it Ralph", "Brave", "Wrath of the Titans", "The Avangers", "The Possession" and quite a few others. I just haven't had the money to see the ones that are out. But if I do get to watch them from Redbox or something I'll definitely write a post about them. 

Oh my glasses broke again so I went and showed the eye glass place that the frame broke again. I wasn't doing anything to brake them just sitting talking to my mom the first time and listening to music the second time. So they let me exchange them for new frames. I went ahead and got metal frames this time sense plastic didn't seem to agree with me. With these I'll only have to worry about the nose piece coming off but I've never had a problem with that(knock on wood). 

So anyways I'll shut up for now unless I can think of something else to ramble on about hehe. Till next time. Laterz!

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