Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review…

Okay Dr. Scholl's for her ball of foot cushions, it was nice but not great. It actually made my foot a bit more uncomfortable while using it. 

It is suppose to –
Prevent foot pain on the ball of the foot.
Immediate massaging gel comfort the the ball of the foot.
Prevent toe scrunch
Stay firmly in place.
Removable with out damage to the shoe.

Okay the only things I found that this did for me was remove with out damage, mostly cause it wouldn't stick to my shoe. It moved around in my shoe and made it uncomfortable to walk. It did not massage the ball of my foot. But it did relieve the pain to that part of the foot when it did stay in place.

I used this in high heals. I don't know, maybe I need to try it in a different shoe for it to work better. So, will I purchase this item in the future? No. Then again I've never felt the need to use anything like this. So if I have some slight pains not using it, that is fine with me. I rather feel a little bit of pain, then pain and annoyance at the same time. 

**Disclaimer- I was asked by Influenster/Voxbox to review this product. I was sent a sample box to review several different product. I am not being paid for any of the reviews that I do. These are my opinions about how I truly felt about this product.** 

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