Sheer cover concealer review…

This concealer is suppose to cover for an instant flawless finish. It says it covers dark spots, blemishes, under eye circles, and hyperpigmentation. Suppose to be easy to apply, won't tug or pull on fragile skin. It's enriched with Jojoba(not sure what that is), so it's suppose to help with keeping a balance of moister on your face.

To apply you can use your finger, a brush, or a sponge. You're suppose to start out sheer then build it up. 

It costs 29.99(non-member price) or you can get the introductory system that comes with the duo concealer. You can find it at

Okay I got the Light/medium one, and it was too dark for me. I have fair porcelain skin. I mostly used it under my eye but I did have some blemishes that I tried to cover as well. Well, it creased under my eyes and it didn't cover my dark circles too much. Same goes for the blemishes. I like to use concealer to lighten up around my nose, mouth and cheeks(sense I wear glasses). But I broke out around those areas. This product is nice but not for me. I'm going to stick with concealers I know and love for now.  

So will I purchase in the future? No. 

**Disclaimer- I was asked by Influenster/Voxbox to review this product. I was sent a sample box to review several different product. I am not being paid for any of the reviews that I do. These are my opinions about how I truly felt about this product.**  

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