kristin cashore

I was very excited to read Bitterblue. I couldn't put it down. But I wasn't satisfied when I finished it. I hoped to see something happen with the navy. I felt the author left room to expand and maybe add another book to it. I hope that the author does expand on it. I enjoy reading in this world. If she does expand on it I can only hope that she adds more action in it like Graceling and Fire had. This book felt more like a mystery/fantasy. Bitterblue mostly just looked into her father's past and did what she could to rectify the wrongs her father did. She struggled with being so confined in the palace; as well as not knowing the people of her kingdom as she would have liked. 
I don't think you need to read the two previous books to understand this book. But reading them would help to know all the characters in Bitterblue. All three books are a quick read. They are all young adult books.
This is all I can think to say about this book. So until I can think of more to write about it. I'll talk to you next time. Laterz! 

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