Sally Hansen Salon Effects…

I received the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in my spring Voxbox. I have been wanting to try these out for awhile now but couldn't bring myself to spend the $9.99 to try them out. I was very excited when I saw a box of them in my Voxbox. Okay putting them on was a bit of a pain, my hands shake a lot when I do my nails. It also kept me from getting them on smoothly. It took me between 3-5 minutes per nail to get them on. So this product is for someone who has the patience to sit and do them. After I got them all on I put a top coat on them. They are suppose to last up to 10 ten days but mine only last maybe 5 before they started to noticeably chip. On the 7th day I took them off cause they started chipping really bad. They removed easily with nail polish remover. I did like this product but I probably won't purchase again sense its hard for me to get them on smoothly and it takes me so long to apply them. 

This product can be purchased at any store that sells Sally Hansen. You can also find out more about them on their site

I would suggest buying them if you don't shake and you have the patience to sit and do them. Other wise you'll just get frustrated. 

**Disclaimer- I was asked my Influenster/Voxbox to review this product. It was sent to me in a sample box with products I was asked to test and review.**

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