Voxbox/Influenster Spring Box…

Well, I received my spring Voxbox from Influenster today. I must say I'm really excited with this one. I got a Sheer cover duo concealer, Aveeno daily moisturizing body wash, Chapstick lip shield 365, Sally hansen salon effects, Bath and body works fine fragrance mist, Soyjoy bar, and lastly Dr. Sholl's for her- ball of foot pads. I can't wait to try everything. I've been looking for a new concealer so I'm really hoping this one works good for me. I love the smell of the fragrance and had to fight my mom off of it LOL. She loves it too and said we have to go and buy another so she can use it too. I already eat Soyjoy bars, but I haven't tried the blueberry one yet so we'll see if I like it as much a I like the strawberry. I've been wanting to try the Sally Hansen salon effects for awhile now but couldn't bring my self to spend $9.99 on something I wasn't sure about. Well, this will help me decide if I'll end up purchasing them. I always use Chapstick so we'll see if this one is a winner. I also never used the Dr. Sholl's products so we'll see if I like those too (^_^). 

I will post reviews as I test the products, but so far first impressions are good and I'm excited to try them all. 

**disclaimer I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. These were not purchased I was chosen to review these products.**  

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