Okay, it’s been awhile…

Where to start? 

I guess I'll start with books. I just finished reading "Bitterblue" By: Kristin Cashore. I enjoyed it. Though, with the way it ended it makes me wonder if she's going to continue with that world. I feel like it ended with questions unanswered. Well, for me it did. It answered some questions I had about Bitterblue and about Leck but that's it. I dunno I guess I would have liked more. We'll see if the author plans on expanding in that world or not. 
I still got a ton of books to read. Doesn't help that I don't stop buying them, especially getting the $0.99 books on my kindle. I have been trying to read. But I find that I want to wait for books by authors that I already know. There's a few books that I'm planning on getting next month so that's exciting. I still want to do book reviews on youtube. I just gotta start reading again to keep doing them. LOL. That's all I have to say about books for now. If I think of some more I'll post more about them. 

Now for make-up I've gotten a lot of make-up this month. I'm getting a Beauty Army sample box, Birchbox sample box, GDE OTM, and Infuenster sample box. I've already got the Beauty Army and the Birchbox I'm just waiting on the other two now. I also bought some stuff from ELF. Along with a face mask from ULTA. I do want to go back to ULTA for the Dark Shadows NYX pallet but we'll see if we can make it down there sometime to get it. I will be doing reviews on here from my sample box's and maybe some video's haven't decided yet.

Last month was Brandon's and mine one year anniversary. We went out to IHOP for lunch. Then after we went to Trade-a-game. He bought himself 2 games. I gave him his present, which was a Ocarina. For those who don't know what that is its basically the flute Link plays in Zelda. He's been playing it all the time sense I got it for him. I'm happy he likes it. He got me a necklace that was silver with black diamonds. It was a heart with wings. I love it. He says he already know's what he's getting me for my birthday next month. Besides wanting to take me out to lunch or dinner. We'll see what happens. 
Here's a link to the pic of my necklace I posted on facebook. 
I don't got a pic of his flute on hand. 

I got an Mp3 player. Sense my other one was pissing me off. So I gave it to Brandon. The one I got has alot less memory then the other one but that's okay it works better! I just gotta get a micro SD card for it and I'll be happy. Been getting music off of Itunes for it. 

Hmm, what else to talk about? I'm not sure so I'll leave it at this for now. Till next time. Laterz!

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