Well, sense it's been a little while sense I posted anything on here so I thought I would tonight. Guess I'll talk about what I've been up to sense my last post. 

First of all Valentines day. Okay, for Valentines day I got Brandon a Hawaiian hook necklace that has shark teeth on it too. He was really wanting one so I figured I'll get him that. I was just gonna do a plain one but when I saw the one with the shark teeth I was like "yup that's the one". He got me a blanket with pictures of us put on it as a collage. I'll post a pic of them here- 

Second, I haven't been on the comp very much at all. I'll pop on to check facebook or my email but other wise I've been laying around watching movies. I've been watching Grandma's Boy, Lord of the Rings, Sweeney Todd, Finding Nemo, and a few other's that I got from netflix. I just watched Ninja Assassin the other day and that was a good movie. Good graphics, a lot of blood, and a good story line. I enjoyed it and yes I'll watch it again. 

Third, I haven't been reading much. Sense I've been mostly hooked to movies. I've gotten a couple onto my kindle, well more then a couple, I have 16 waiting to be read on there LOL. But anyways, I'm trying to push my self back into the reading mode so I can do some reviews. I miss doing video reviews and I really need to get into gear and read. 

Fourth, I can't keep a secret! I got Brandon his anniversary present early cuz it was suppose to take a month to get here. So, I figured I'll get it early so it'll get here in time for our anniversary. Well, I was in the kitchen making some food and he was in there making himself some food to. We were talking about what we were going to do for our anniversary and I blurted out what I got him. I couldn't believe myself. I was more into my sandwich then what I was talking about LOL. I'll post a pic of his present on here too sense it came very early and I just gave it to him early too. So yeah, here ya go- 
Fifth, OMG Brandon made a delicious chicken dinner. I'm in love with it. I'm not sure how to spell the name of it and I don't wanna butcher it so I'll just tell ya how to make it. 
Take chicken wings or legs, Put them in a pot on the stove. Pour in equal part of soy sauce sugar and water till it just covers the chicken. Also add some ginger don't need much, just grab a small ginger root peel it and smack it a couple times so it cracks and flattens a bit and plop it into the pot with everything else. Boil until meat is cook and pretty much falling off the bone. Serve with some white rice and ya can use the sauce ya cook it in as a sauce to pour over your rice. (Which I highly recommend). It is so good, go and try it. 

Hmm what else should I ramble on about? I'm not sure so I'll just leave it at this for now. Till next time. Laterz!