So far I got 11 books to read on my kindle. I updated my Goodreads list so that they're all on my currently reading. I'm excitedly waiting for Bitterblue, Spirit Wars, Spirit End, and the third book in the dragon prince trilogy(don't know the name. and if i do i don't remember >.<) to all come out this year. I can't wait to read all four of them. I will be doing reviews on all the books I read. I'll most likely post a video on youtube. 

Other then books I'm still all crazed about makeup. I love it. I just spoiled myself and signed up for and a 6 month subscription to glamourdoll eyes. I'm planning on getting the Valentines day set from glamourdoll eyes. I'm excited for both. 

Still trying to figure out a present for Brandon. Thought about cologne or a new game for his Wii but still not sure. He's been so hooked to the Wii. It came with the newly released Zelda and Mario Brothers. He's been hooked to it sense we set it up. 

Well I don't know what else to talk about I just wanted to ramble for a few. So till next time. Laterz!

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