Stuff… New Year… Yeah…

Okay, first post of this year! 

What to talk about first? Hmmm… I know!

Went and saw Paranormal Activity 3 last night. Did a double date with my friend. The movie was good. Not great but good. It was better then the first two. Like the first two it started out pretty slow. Some things started popping up about a quarter the way through it. But nothing dramatic till about half way through the movie. The end was good. I think the fourth one is going to be about the grandma being in the witch cult. Would I pay 10 bucks to see it? No. Would I pay a dollar to see it? Yes. And that's just what we did. Sense it was at the cheap theater here in town and every Wednesday they have all movies for a dollar. Would I see it again? Prolly not. It was good but not something I'd watch again. Ya know? Haven't really watched any other new movies. 

Trying to plan out Valentines day early. Not sure what to get Brandon >.< This will actually be the first time buying a valentines day present for someone. I don't know what to get him. I know I'm just going to get everyone else the little sweet heart candy's. 

Still doing Youtube video's. Posting a new one tomorrow. It's about my tattoo's and piercings. Trying to think of other video's to do. 

Slowly getting back into writing. Key word – slowly…

I want to try and read at least thirty books this year. Hopefully I can do it so I can make more video reviews. 

Oh and I don't have a new year's resolution. I find it pointless. I know I'll do something if I really want to. No point in reluctantly making a resolution when I'm not even sure if I'll follow through with it. So I'll do something that needs changing in my own time. Not when everyone else is.

Okay, I had a thought to write about and now I lost it. Well, till it comes back I'm gonna go for now. Laterz!

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