Merry Christmas!

I Hope everyone is having a grand holiday. I know I am (^_^). I'm sitting with my christmas presents at the moment and staring at the ring Brandon got me. But sadly It's too big, so we have to go into Zales and get it re-sized. I could of swarn I was a size 9 in a ring but I guess not. I think I'm most likely a size 8. But I'm very happy with my ring. Brandon's already thinking about what to get me for Valentine's day. And I'm thinking about what to get him. He was Surprise when he saw that we got him a Nintendo Wii. It sux it's going to be a couple weeks late. But at least I know I'll be getting it sense I already put money down onto it. He can't wait to play Zelda. Sleynda's boyfriend proposed to her last night. So, she was very happy after that. 

We had Ham, mash tatoes, rolls, corn, fruit salad, and can't forget grandma's gravy. OMG she makes the best gravy. Brandon wanted to take the pan of it and hide it LOL same with my brother Richard. The food was nummylicious! So yeah, everyone's tummy was happy hehe. 

I also got some lip gloss and eyeshadows, as well as two fluffy soft blankets, a pillow, and socks with them. Yay! I love to snuggle into blankets. Oh yeah! I got some lotion too! Its from Victoria Secret. It's called Coconut Passion. I forgot to show that in the video. Oh well. 

Anywhos, Not sure what else to talk about right now. So, I'm going to go for now. till I get coffee. I want coffee! Anyways, till next time. Laterz! 

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