Reading, Movies, Influenster…

Okay, I just want to update on what's happened the past few days.

First of all, some of you know that I do book reviews on youtube. Well, recently I did a review on the E-book "Taming Fire" By: Aaron Pogue. I posted the video in the morning and that night I got a comment, from the author himself, on my review. He said he liked the review and asked if I would like to do an advanced review of the second book. I of course said yes. I don't think anyone would say no. But anyways, I've been reading that for the past couple days, in between Christmas shopping & birthday's. I'm half way through the book now. So, I should have it done either tonight or by tomorrow morning. The book is very good so far. I can't wait to see what happens in it. 

Now, I got a couple disney movies today. One is called "Prep and Landing" which I've never seen before. So, I'll post my thought's on it after I watch it. I also got, "Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas" I have seen that one and have it on VHS already. I just wanted it on DVD as well. I love the Beauty and the Beast movies. 

Lastly, I got my first Influenster box today or known as Voxbox. It came with some nice little goodies. That I will test out and either post on here about them or post on youtube. But for now I don't have alot to say about it, till I try some of the products. 

Anyways, that's it for now. If anything else pops up I'll do another post. Till then, Laterz!

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