Okay, I know I'm a bit behind on posting on here. Haven't really been busy, just lazy. The most I've done in the past few weeks is order Christmas present's out of a magazine, watch movies, and play around online. So yeah, lazy. I'm not going to post what present's I got for people in case some of those peoples read this.

Haven't read much. Though, still got a pile of books sitting here and a few on my kindle now. They are all waiting to be read. I'm going to have to kick myself to read them so I can do review's like I want to on youtube. 

I'm going to do reviews on some beauty products that are being sent to me through gogogirlfriend and influenster. I haven't signed up for any other places yet. Prolly not going to till the holidays are over with. I'll admit this month is going to be tight with money that's for sure. 

Brandon has an entire month off from work, due to the holidays. So, it's going to be tight on him too. But I'm going to do my best to help him during that month. I was able to before he got a job so I can do it again. His birthday is coming up and I still need to get him a present. I have an idea but I need to go check it out before I'm certain I want to get it for him. 

I haven't seen very many new movie's. Just went and saw Breaking dawn and we rented trandformers 3. We also got the Green Hornet, but still need to sit down and watch it. Oh and we got the last harry potter. I'll admit that one was a  lot better then I thought it would be. Not sure if I'm gonna go see a movie in theater's for a little while. Nothing out that I'm jumping around that I have to see. 

Well, not much else is going through my head except that I'm hungry and not sure what to eat. Hmm, I think I'll leave this post right here. I'll post again if I think of other stuff to talk about. So, till then. Laterz! 

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