It's snowing! Though, don't got a whole lot yet, but it's still coming down. So, we'll see what it looks like in the morning. hehe. Anywhos, on to do another post. This is me trying to keep up with doing this lol. 

Okay, first subject! TV! Well, actually watching television online. I do that a lot sense we cut out cable, cause they were charging an arm and a leg for it. So now I rely solely on Hulu and Netflix to give me my TV kick. I just started watching Once upon a time along with the show Grim.
Okay, loving both shows. Once upon a time is about all the fairy tales but every fairy tale creature and person has been put into the human realm and can't remember who the hell they really are. Snow whites daughter comes after 28 years to save the day. It's a show  that ya more need to watch to understand. There's a lot of back and fourth with fantasy land and real life land so yeah.
Now for Grim, that too is about fairy tales but it leans more towards the darker side of them. The main guy in it is a grim and is suppose to kill the bad. That's what they call it in the show, so work with me. Anyways, he befriends this guy who can turn into a wolf but isn't a werewolf, they call him something else. Can't remember off the top of my head at the moment. They used a lot of funky names. One episode was based off of goldie locks and the three bears. Another i'm not quite sure, I just know it had bee people in it. And that those bee people want to help the grim. There's more then one grim and not all of them are nice. So yeah, that's the gist on that one. 
I still watch Bones, glee and been getting into the big bang theory. Those have too many episodes to try and describe what the hell it going on. Just go watch them, catch up to the current season and you'll know why I love em so much. 

So next subject… hmmm… not sure, didn't really plan this out just wanted to do another post… I dunno if I think of something I'll post again but till then. Laterz!

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