Little Update…

well it's been a while sense I posted last, talk about being lazy. Anyways, haven't been up to much. Bored really. As usual my life consists of WoW, reading, writing, tv, and movies. Oh and I can't for get my boyfriend, Brandon. So which to talk about first? I'll start with how I mentioned them.

First, WoW. I've been playing more lately. Mostly because I want to take my three favorite character to fight the headless horsemen during holloween. Those characters are Ellenor, of course, Loonybin, and Lilwinky. I got alot of work ahead of me. I know most people say it's not the dificult to lvl up. But I get really bad motion sickness from playing, my head starts spinning my stomach is churning and  then want to lay down and past out. Which I usually end up doing. I'm slowly working on it when I feel good enough to play. So, that's about it with WoW.

Second, reading. Been LAZY!! Beyond lazy. My books are stacking up and stacking up. I mean I'll open them and read a few pages here and there. I guess i just haven't been able to engross myself into reading like I used to lately. Not sure why. I think about it all the time, but when I actually sit down to read it feels like a chore. Even though I have the urge to read. I dunno, maybe I'm not picking up the right book or something. I'll figure it out sooner or later what tickles my fancy, just going to take time. Hopefully i can get back into it like I was so I can start doing some more reviews on them. 
Speaking of reviews, okay, yeah I've been slacking on making video's for youtube. I did want to do a review on the magazine Gothic Beauty. But didn't get the energy to do it. I still got other things on my list that I want to do reviews for. Maybe when I can get a better camra and some actual light for when i film, maybe then I'll pick up where I left off. Also, doesn't help that I'm barely on the comp or even at my desk. When I record I prefer to do it alone especially when it's a review. Just feels like there's less distractions. doens't help that I'm always nervous when I go on camra. So anything that catches my attention which could be just about anything, will distract me from what I'm doing and I'll completely space on what I was doing. 

Third, writing. I've been working on my writing off and on. past couple weeks I've been lazy about it. More just thinking things through about it in my head. I'd like to get atleast one book written. Who know's maybe I'll end up like some of my favorite authors who took five or more years just to finnish their fist book. Talk about procrastinating. Well, actually that's not the right word for it. It's more like being too much of a perfectionist. Cause, if you don't like what you wrote then other people prolly won't either. So, it's better to be satisfied with your work before it becomes public knowledge. That's about all I have to say for my writing for now. 

Fourth, T.V. Okay as far as T.V. goes, I've mostly been watching instant queue on netflix for shows. Along with going onto Hulu. Watching movies on there too. We don't have cable anymore, mostly cause comcast screwed us with our bill so we ditched them. Yay us! LOL. Anyways, don't got much to talk about with T.V.. I haven't been watching too many new movies. So that's about it on that subject.
Fifth, Brandon. He's been working at Gonzaga, as a dishwasher. But they've been putting him on different stations. I think they're trying him out for other positions. He's getting quite a few hrs so that's good. We're saving up so we can go see his family in Hawaii next year. And i'm predicting I'm gonna go camra crazy with taking pics lol. I've never been further then North Idaho, travled around Washington alot but that's mostly cuz we live here and lived in Idaho. I've only been to that places I've moved to. So not much travel experiance here. Brandon keeps talking about marriage but I keep saying you got to ask before we plan. He wants to spend so much on me. But I don't want his whole check to go to me. I want him to think of himself first then see what he can do. No need to put himself last. 

Anyways, that's all I'm going to put for now. Gonna try and update again sooner. No promises for now, but I'm going to try lol. Anywho's Laterz!

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