Well, I made chicken and dumpling soup today. It’s simple to make, just takes for ever to cook. Sense I make everything from scratch. Even the broth. It turned out delicious. My mom’s already saying i’m making it again this month. We’ll see <.< 
I also ordered a cook book offline. It’s recipes from the great depression. I figured it’ll help with finding dishes that are simple, cheap, and good. otherwise haven’t been doing much. It’s hot as hell right now. And I know it’s going to get hotter the further we get into summer.

Still been trying to write. not getting far when I can’t seem to get rid of my head ache. It’s like a constant migraine. It feels like someone wont stop stabbing me in the eye. I dunno It might also be because of allergies.

Anyways, don’t got much to talk about today. So, till next time. Laterz!   

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