Well, I haven’t been up to a whole lot. My birthday came and went. Been reading, and watching T.V. Went to the doctors for myself and with my sis-in-law.

I suppose I should start with my birthday. First of all it went good. Gonna get my toungue pierced next month. Money was short this month so I told mom to wait till next month. I also have to go in and get my teeth looked at before then too. I’m gonna get some retainers for my lip rings, for when I go to the dentist. We had a party the day after my birthday. Brandon cooked oyster chicken. It was so good. As usual I didn’t have cake, we had cheesecake. I put some raspberries and chocolate on mine. My two favorite flavors, well three if you include the cheesecake hehe. Everyone came over to have dinner. It’s all I really wanted for my birthday. the piercing is just a bonus. I just want to spend time with my family.

Read the "Innocent Mage" By Karren Miller. I really liked it. Just wish I had the second one in the series, I want to finish it damn it lol. though, as I said, I was a good book. It’s interesting how the main chactar doesn’t know the main part of the plot. And he’s suppost to be the Hero lol. But he’ll find out in due time. He is known as the innocent made, so go figure he does’t know anything. I can’t wait to finish the series. Plan on reading "Eona" By: Allison Goodman. That should be a good one. Been waiting for two years to read it. So yeah, I’m starting to get back into reading. And that in my book, is a very good thing. I got thirteen or fifteen books waiting to be read.

And speaking of books, I’ve actually been writing mine. Don’t really got a name for it. Just been calling it the Eastern Kingdom. Not sure if the name will stick. We’ll see, specially if I actually finish the stupid thing. We can only hope. I’m also hoping to make it into a series. Not sure how many in the series lets hope no more then three or four. But we’ll see how much I get written. My chapters are already looking to be twenty pages long. I’m only in the first draft of it. I really hope I end up finishing it. I’m already loving my main character.

As for television, been watching the original Highlander on netflix. As well as, Bones. Been trying to watch movies too on there. On the second series of Bones. Just started watching Highlander yesterday. I miss watching this show. Used to watch it all the time with my parents. I miss these kind of shows.

As for the doctors, I went for a pregnancy test but they’re still coming out negetive. I want to get a blood test done, but they won’t let me. I have a feeling I’ll be four months along before they’ll give me one. I’ve been having all the symptom’s for it too. And if I’m not pregnant I’m gonna bitch at someone to find out why I’m feeling like this.
And speaking of pregnant, Cassie and Virginia found out the sex of their baby’s. Both are having girls. Cassie picked out the name Isabel Kylee-rose Jeffries and Virginia picked out Ava Marie Welp. Atleast I believe that’ll be their names.

Anywho’s that’s all I got to talk about for now. Till next time. Laterz!

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