Okay, not much going on. Still waiting to see if I have my monthly this month. If I don’t have  it this month then I’m gonna go in and get a blood test to see if its cause I’m pregnent. But if I actaully have it then I know that I’m not. I’ve been eating enough for 3 people the past couple weeks and I’m sleeping all the time. I’ve only had a couple days when I didn’t sleep all day long, this being one of those days lol. So I’ll know in a week.

Gonna help my man with cooking dinner. making chicken and asperigus so yummy. I love it when he cooks. I want him to make more Hawaiian dishes. I want to try it all!! But not sea food, no sea food for me. I’ll eat chicken, beef, and pork. Not a seafood person. Anyways, I’m gonna try to make some cooking tutorials for youtube. Brandon said he’d help me with it. I thnk that’ll be alot of fun. 

Sense I’m able to look at a comp for more then 10 minutes I’m gonna try to work on my book for awhile and maybe do some stuff on WoW. We’ll see how long I last for now lol. If anything I’ll watch anime or read manga.  

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