Update, update, update lol. I’m tired and I’m posting on here. I’m uploading a vlog to youtube right now. So yeah, I haven’t been doing much besides sleeping. I’ll try to do another entry here in a couple days. so yeah not much to say. I said pretty much all i needed to in my vlog. I’ll post the video on here when its done.

la de da, waiting, la de da.

Well, I started playing my lil gay boy on wow again. but its been so long playing a pally and they’ve chenged so much about them I pretty much have to relearn how to play him. And it sux! Still playing Loonybin and Ellenor and relearning how to play Elle too. Such a pain in the ass… (still waiting so I’m jabbering about nonsense)…

feeling really nausiated so gonna shut it till the upload on the video is done….

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