Update On my Life…

Well, it’s been awhile sense I’ve posted anything other then book stuff and poetry. So I’m gonna actually do an update on my life now. I will make a vlog here soon just been preoccupied. Where should I start? Oh yes, here I go (^_^)…

To start off I’ve officially have a BF now. He’s a complete sweetheart. He just recently moved up here from Hawaii, not for me. For other reasons. But that’s not for me to talk about on here. I just want to blab about how much I adore him. He treats me very well. And doesn’t mind the seizures. Most people when they know I have seizures and can’t work or anything right now they basically brush me off and stop talking to me. But he didn’t and I really like that about him. I know he’ll always be there when I need him. I’ll do the same for him. I feel as though this is a dream that I don’t want to wake from. I pray that I don’t wake from it and that this stays my reality for a very long time. He’s going to be the man I can actually settle down with and finally have a family. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, to have a husband and children. I just didn’t want to have kids with someone I feel I’m settling for. Now, I feel I have found that man. I want kids with him, along with becoming his wife. I never allowed myself to get this close to any one before. That’s why I’m so scared that this is just a dream. I’ve never been so certain before now. He is the person I want to be with. I find myself just wanting to hug him out of the blue then squeal with happyness. It’s like I’m a giddy school girl oogling her first love. That sounds cheesey but it’s true. That’s how I feel.

I’m gushing about him I know :p anyways, other then oogling the new loveof my life. I’ve been writing. What I’ve been working on is posted on here. They are under the tag Eastern Kingdom. It’s a new book I’m wokring on. I’ve messhed alot of my ideas together to get this. I figured sense they way I was writing before wasn’t helping me finish a book. So with this one I’m tackling it from a different angle. I’m writing out an outline to the book and to each chapter as they come. I figure this will help me stay on the plot and help me we getting it at least one book done. Other then that I have been working on much else with writing. Well, besides wanting to post on here. Though i’m behind on here.

Okay moving on to family and friends. My sis-in-law is pregnant and so is my best friends sister. They’re about a week apart on due dates which i think is funny. I think it would be funny if they have they’re babies on the same day. I keep teasing both of them that they’re gonna have twins. They tell me to shut up when I say that lol. I’ll admit I can’t wait to be a mother and a wife. It’s something I’ve always dreamed about and wanted. I have a feeling it’ll happen soon too.

As far as movies go I’ve just been watching the same ones over and over again. Not many new ones. Don’t really have to money to go to the theater to see the new ones. Sucks being broke. Oh well, something I gotta deal with. Till I can get these damn seizures figured out and under control. I so want these to get under control. I want to have my life back, when I was active and doing things all the time. My new man is getting me back into cooking and I’m remembering why I wanted to be a cook so bad. Why I studied for to become one before these seizures started.

WoW has been fun I finally got Ellenor up to lvl 81. A shock I know but it finally happened. I’ve also have been working on Loonybin. he’s a lvl 65 and I’ve started working on Lilwinky again. So yeah, slowly getting back into playing. Not much going on with that.

Haven’t been reading a whole lot. Still going through my rut. Just glancing at a book and going eh I’ll do it later.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to post again soon. So yeah till next time. Laterz!

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