We talked we laughed
We’d walk home together
You were always there when I cried
You always knew how to make me smile
You were always there to back me up
When I got myself into a fight
You became the other child in my family
You help me when someone hurts me
You’re always there to make sure I’m happy
Even if you have to do something really stupid
You’ll always do your best to see me smile
You don’t judge me no matter what I tell you
You’re always there to give me support
When no one else will
When the whole world looks down at me
You’re always there to tell me
‘They truly aren’t your friends cause
Friends stick together no matter what’
I just want you to know that I’ll do the same for you
I will always be there when you need me
Your a friend to cherish
And if I ever lost your friendship
I’d cry as hard as if I lost a member of my family
Because you are family
You’re my best friend
Always and forever.

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