"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

Yup I got another quote up. I’ve prolly posted this one before but oh well I like it. I don’t have many thoughts on it that I can share at this moment. I suppose its more of a personal meaning to me then anything.

Okay, what a week. Found out 2 ppl I know are prego. Can’t believe it. One of them I never expected it. But the other was expected, just wondered when it would happen. I’m wondering who’s gonna be next after all this.

I’ve been trying to find mentel distractions so I can stop thinking of Nick in such a intimate way. Been drawing, watching movies I’ve never seen and thinking about my books. Also thinking about looks I want to try with makeup. Prolly gonna start reading books that I haven’t read before just to distract me as well. Especially after I almost kissed him that one night. I really have been trying to keep my mind busy. So I can maintain a friendship with him. I told him that if he ever changes his mind about us and wants to be more I’d be more then willing to. But otherwise I’m gonna just be a good friend and seek out someone else. So yeah, but I’m not on those dating sites anymore. A person can only handle talking to so many jerks before they feel like punching someone. Hard to find a decent man to be with now a days.

Anyways, I’m mostly posting this cuz I’m bored and I got nothing else to do. Well, I’m watching interview with a vampire and been drawing off and on all day. Now on here just for something else to do. Maybe  I should snoop around on the net for some stupid random facts about something.

Anywhos, till next time. Laterz!

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