Random thoughts…

I really know how to get behind on this don’t I? Well, for this entry i’m just gonna talk about random crap. So here I go…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Been thinking about books I like and want to read. Also, books that I’ve been thinking about working on. But for some reason I just keep coming up with background story idea’s for the characters in my books. In particular my Sci-fi book. Theres a caracter in it named Geo. He’s a doctor to the King in the book. I’ve thought about his past and the past wars he was in. My thoughts just keep swirling around and around.  I really should work on my Vampire mermaid story. I still find that to be an interesting story that has yet to be told. It’s just finding the main plot to it and sticking to it like glue. I really enjoy that story. Maybe I should just write and write on it till something pops up and I’ll have an entire back story and everything doing that. That sounds like a good idea. It’ll just seem like a very random book with no point to it. If I could draw really good I’d make it into a manga. even though it has no point thats ok. theres manga’s out there that are pointless but still good. I’ve also been thinking about poetry. Wondering why its been so long sense I wrote any. I really should get back into it. It’s been a bouple years sense I wrote my last poem. wow. Oh well I’ll think of something. Just as long as I can find inspiration. Hmm what else is there? why am I suddenly thinking about penguins? <.< anyways… not sure what else to put so till next time. Laterz!

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