Well, I’ve been busy these past couple weeks sense I posted last. Where should I start? I guess I’ll start with what I’ve been up to sense I posted last.

First of all, my valintines day went well. I actually had a date that day. It was a first for me. I really enjoyed it. I’ve been going out on dates with the same guy sense. But we haven’t decided if we’re gonna get into a serious relationship or not. I know what I want between us but he wants more time to think about it. Which I don’t mind. I rather want to figure out his feelings then getting hurt. I know it’d be too much for me to say that I hope things work out between us. But I’m not gonna try and pressure him into anything. I want it to be something he wants. Though, I have to say, he does take me breath away. I see him and my heart skips a beat. I dunno, sometimes I feel he’s too good to be true. He’s so sweet and kind and very respectable. But we’ll see what happens. As I said I don’t want to pressure him into anything. So for now I’ll just wait.

Well, while writing this he just told me he doesn’t want to be more then friends. So no more waiting. Yes, I hurt right now. But I’ll live. Back to square one on finding a good man to be with. I guess he was just too good to be true.

Second, my uncle came into town and hung out for a day. He came over to an orintation for a fishing job. I really hope he gets the job. That would be so good for him. He’d be sent up to alaska for it and he’d make pretty good money. And that’s also good. My mom hasn’t seen her little brother for 9 years. So she was really happy to see him. I’m gonna try to save up some money so they can come back over this summer. I just don’t know how much that it’ll take to get them over here. But we’ll figure it out. I really want them to come over and stay for a few days instead of one.

Third, I went and saw a couple movies this month. First went and saw The Rite and then I saw True Grit. Rented Red. So I’ll give ya my thoughts on them now. lol. We’ll start with The Rite.That was a good movie. Anthony Hopkins is a very good actor. He played a possessed person very well. There was also some really good makeup done in the movie during the possesions. The interesting thing about that movie was. That it was based off of actual events that happened. So I found that pretty intriging. Now for True Grit. It was a good movie. Though, I want to watch the older version so as to compare the two. So I think till I watch that one I wont have a full opinion about it. Now Red was a good movie. I liked that one. It makes you think "Never mess with old people.Cause they might kick your ass!" lol I liked it. It was good. I want my mom and dad to watch it too.

Fourth, I got through about a 1/4 of the book fallen blade. But got into reading The Night Angel series again. What can I say I really enjoy that series.

Anyways, I’m a bit emotional from my convorsation with Nick. I’m just happy he didn’t see me cry. It sux cuz every time I hope for something to happen it turns to emtyness and shit. This really sux. Till next post. Laterz….

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