Still Slacking lol….

I’m still slacking on updating this thing. I’m trying. Just gotta stop getting distracted. Lol.

Well, I got a total of 12 video’s on my youtube channel so far. Though, still need a lamp for light. I am thinking about redoing the ones with makeup. Possibly recording those in the bathroom sense theres more light in there. But we’ll see.

I still have my pile of books on my desk. Been trying to read The Fallen Blade by: Jon Courtenay Grimwood. I also found some others in my room I haven’t read yet. So they’ve been added to the pile too. I’m not gonna read the book Dragon’s Deal till I got the first two. My friend read Black Wings and she loved it. We’re both waiting for the next one to come out in August.

On to other stuff. I’m trying to save up a bit of money for my next tattoo. Or atleast get enough money for my next piercing. Which will be the other side of my lip. I need to balance out my face. Sense I have my nose ring and lip ring on the same side. Not sure if I’m gonna end up doing my tounge or not but I’ll think about it. I prolly will end up doing it lol.

Been trying to lvl up Ellenor finally. But only trying to do it through archeology lol. Same with loonybin. Arn’t I lazy. I’ll get there eventually. Not sure when, but it’ll happen sooner or later lol.

Yeah, I haven’t been up to much other then that. Spending time with my friend cindy and my family. Trying to look for a bf but we’ll see where that goes. Other then that I’m just gonna try to dwindle this pile of books down. But I’ll prolly end up adding to it instead lol.

Well thats all I have for right now. Till next time. Laterz!

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