Being Lazy….


Still being lazy about posting. Sorry (>.<). I’ve been lazy on posting a youtube video too. But going to post one tonight. Doing a review on the book Graceling By: Kristin Cashore. I got some e.l.f. makeup I’m very excited to get. Along with some of they’re brushes. I finally got a foundation brush. Though, I still want a stipling foundation brush. I guess I more want to try out different brushes to see what I like the best. Oh and Glamourdoll eyes is coming out with some new shadows I’m excited. I’m planning on getting some next month. Prolly just gonna get one of the towers for now then later figure out my money if I can get more. (^_^). 

Other then makeup I’ve been playing WoW. lvling up my arch archaeology. I almost got it up to 300. But wanted to go questing so I stopped for a while and now questing out in Zanger. Still loving my warrior so yes Loonybin has become my main. He’s just fun to play. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to go in and tank with him but we’ll see.

Found 3 books I want to get next month. It’s gonna cost me a pretty penny for them so I’m gonna have to search for sales on em. Just read the book Black wings By: Christina Henry. That was an awsome book. I can’t wait for the next one to come out in August. I’m wondering how long the series is though. The author hasn’t said if the series is going to be longer then 2 books. Though from the first book I wouldn’t care how long the series is I loved it.

I’m ordering some Bloody Mary hot sauce next month I’m thinking of doing a small review about it. It’ll either be on here or my youtube channel. My youtube channel is For anyone who cares to take a look. I’ll try to post more pics of makeup I do on here and post on here with I post a video on youtube.

So yeah, other then that still watching classic movies. remembering how much I love the older movies and the acting back then. Also, watching the older cartoons. Who remembers ren and stimpy I know I do and I miss them lol. I miss alot of the older cartoons. Oh that reminds me, I’m gonna try to atleast go see a movie in the theatre next month to review. Not sure what one and if I’ll have the money to do it but I’m gonna try to go and do it. Maybe check out the cheap theatre and go on doller wednesday. Well I’ll figure something out. If anything I’ll atleast try and get a dvd to add to my collection of movies (^_^). 

Anyways, I think I’ve rambled on enough for one day. Till next time. Laterz! 


Haven’t been on here in awhile. Been doing video’s for my youtube channel. Also, been reading. Just finished a book called Black Wings By: Christina Henry. It’s very good ande has some good funny parts to it. Other wise haven’t been doing much. Just watching classis movies, reading and playing WoW. But anyways I just wanted to atleast post something on here sense it’s been awhile sense my last post. I’ll try to post more often. Till next time, Laterz!

A New Year…


Well I had a good new year’s eve. Though, my brother did a hand stand right after midnight and broke his arm. The bone was clean in half and over lapping each other. How it happened is beyond everyone including the doctors. He had surgery yesterday and they put a plate in his arm. Everything went good. Though, he’s in a lot more pain now. Wish there was something I could do to help him but there’s not a lot I can do. Otherwise everything is good here.

Gonna try to record a video tonight and get my youtube channel up and going. Gonna just do some reviews on books I’ve read. Movies I like and anything else that peeks my interests. So it’s prolly gonna be just as random as I am.  

Got plenty of books to read here. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them read soon. Some r the ones I wanted to get read before the new year but that didn’t happen. Was way too bust with the holidays and it spaced my mind. Oh well, I’ll try to get them done in the next couple months. I also got a few books coming out here soon. All the books should all be out but the time June rolls around. So that will be good.

Got some perfume from victoria secret. They all smell so good. Very happy with them. And got a little bit of make up too but not a whole lot. But that’s ok I’m happy with what I got.

Oh oh I also got some shape up sneakers so very happy about that. I want to get out more this year and try to lose some weight. At least 20lbs. Just that would make me happy. If more comes off then yay! Just want to lose enough to make myself happy.

Oh and I’m going through my writing and seeing what I can start working on. Looking over some stuff and seeing that I need to start over on some. That its just not gonna work with the way it is now. I’m gonna try to make a chapter out line for each chapter then go from there. I think I’ll be able to finish it if I at least have an out line of the story so yeah. I think I’m gonna work on the mermaid story  first with the book out line then go on to my sci-fi book. but I dunno we’ll see which one I feel more like thinking about lol.

Hmm, what else can I ramble on about. Not sure so I think I’ll leave it here for now. Till next time. Laterz!