Been busy with christmas stuff. Going around with my mom and doing christmas shopping. Now I’m wrapping everyones presents But I ran out of tap, so mom went to the store to get more. I really hope everyone likes their presents we got them. And I would like for it to snow again. I love the snow. Also love to watch christmas movies, even when its not christmas time lol. 

Been reading too. Reading "Winterbirth" by: Brian Ruckley. Haven’t read it fully just got into it. But I like what I’ve read so far. Usually if I can get into a book in the beginning I’ll usually end up like the whole book. Though, I was looking at my book shelf and realized I got alot of books by Orbit publishing company. It was just one of those moments where I go "Huh, I must really like their authors or they’re just really good."

Otherwise haven’t been doing much. Oh wait, I’ve been playing WoW. When I get a chance to play it sense my mom and me have to share a comp. I try to take a few days brake from playing so she can play too. But after I’m done wrapping I might pop on there and play or i might read. haven’t decided yet so I’ll figure it out when the time comes around.

Oh and got my lip pierced on the bottom right side. I’m so happy I want to get the other side done too. Though, I have been thinking about my tongue but I’m not sure yet. Just the sides of my bottom lip for now. 

You’d think I’d have more to talk about on here sense I haven’t posted anything for awhile but I don’t. Is it just me or does that seem a lil sad. I dunno sometimes I don’t feel like I have enough to write on here. 

Anyways gonna go for now. Laterz! 

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