Update on my life….

Cataclysm came out today. Woot! Well, they actually released it last night at midnight but we didn’t get it till my parents got off of work. I made a goblin but it was so crowded that I decided I can wait a couple days to play.

Anyways, finished my Christmas shopping. So that’s a relief. Now just gotta wait till Christmas to give everyone their gifts. I hate waiting to do that.

Eclipse came out this month. Not sure if I’m gonna get it for Christmas from someone. If I don’t I’ll get it next month as my monthly treat to my self. Can’t wait to have it too. Been thinking about rereading the books too. HAHA but decided not to cuz I got other books that I need to read first. Another movie I want is Avatar the special edition. I really like that movie.

Apparently I have a really low vitamin D lvls so now I’m on a prescription to bring it back up to a healthy lvl. I looked at food that can help my lvls to go up and stay put after I get all sorted out with taking the meds. And Its all the foods I don’t like. Which sucks major… So yeah not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll just take a multi vitamin that has vitamin d in it so to help my lvls. I dunno we’ll see.

So yeah, don’t got a whole lot to talk about but I’ll try to post more next time. (^_^) Till then, laterz!

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