Merry Christmas….


“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ”
— Charles Dickens

Haven’t done a quote for awhile so thought I’d do one today.

This quote, to me, means to always have kindness and happyness in your heart all year around. Not just during the time of Christmas. I think if people carry kindness in their hearts all year around, not just at Christmas time, that there would be less chaos in the world. But alas that wont happen till god knows when. I know people arn’t perfect. Though, people should just be a little more kind towards one another. Even if its just that, I think it would help. What do you think? Yes. No. Maybe so.

Anyways, my family celebrated Christmas yesterday. We had a good dinner and opened presents. Everyone liked what they got. That made me happy. Though, sadly my grandma’s kitty passed away yesterday too. She had him for a good 10years or so. Other then that the day went good. I felt like I had been on the move all day till I went to bed. But that’s okay. It was worth it.

I am thinking about uploading video’s to my youtube channel. Possibly doing reviews on books and movies. Maybe do some on makeup or just anything that peeks my interest. But we’ll see how it goes.

So yeah, don’t got much else to say. So bye for now. Laterz!

My day….


My day started out good. Got my new comp my mom got me. Stayed up and hooked it up and downloaded everything that it needed. Then I started on WoW. Not too much of a challenge with this comp. I love it. (^_^) Sooo happy!


Then when my parent got home they got me food. While I was eating I ended up biting my lip ring and pulling the front of it half way through my lip. I almost thought it went through my lip or broke my tooth. So yeah it freaked me out. I’m gonna go get a hoop put into it. I don’t want this stud in it anymore.


Anyways, not much else going on over here. Just bored and wanted to post something. Try and not be so lazy about it.


So I guess that’s it for now. Laterz


Been busy with christmas stuff. Going around with my mom and doing christmas shopping. Now I’m wrapping everyones presents But I ran out of tap, so mom went to the store to get more. I really hope everyone likes their presents we got them. And I would like for it to snow again. I love the snow. Also love to watch christmas movies, even when its not christmas time lol. 

Been reading too. Reading "Winterbirth" by: Brian Ruckley. Haven’t read it fully just got into it. But I like what I’ve read so far. Usually if I can get into a book in the beginning I’ll usually end up like the whole book. Though, I was looking at my book shelf and realized I got alot of books by Orbit publishing company. It was just one of those moments where I go "Huh, I must really like their authors or they’re just really good."

Otherwise haven’t been doing much. Oh wait, I’ve been playing WoW. When I get a chance to play it sense my mom and me have to share a comp. I try to take a few days brake from playing so she can play too. But after I’m done wrapping I might pop on there and play or i might read. haven’t decided yet so I’ll figure it out when the time comes around.

Oh and got my lip pierced on the bottom right side. I’m so happy I want to get the other side done too. Though, I have been thinking about my tongue but I’m not sure yet. Just the sides of my bottom lip for now. 

You’d think I’d have more to talk about on here sense I haven’t posted anything for awhile but I don’t. Is it just me or does that seem a lil sad. I dunno sometimes I don’t feel like I have enough to write on here. 

Anyways gonna go for now. Laterz! 

Update on my life….


Cataclysm came out today. Woot! Well, they actually released it last night at midnight but we didn’t get it till my parents got off of work. I made a goblin but it was so crowded that I decided I can wait a couple days to play.

Anyways, finished my Christmas shopping. So that’s a relief. Now just gotta wait till Christmas to give everyone their gifts. I hate waiting to do that.

Eclipse came out this month. Not sure if I’m gonna get it for Christmas from someone. If I don’t I’ll get it next month as my monthly treat to my self. Can’t wait to have it too. Been thinking about rereading the books too. HAHA but decided not to cuz I got other books that I need to read first. Another movie I want is Avatar the special edition. I really like that movie.

Apparently I have a really low vitamin D lvls so now I’m on a prescription to bring it back up to a healthy lvl. I looked at food that can help my lvls to go up and stay put after I get all sorted out with taking the meds. And Its all the foods I don’t like. Which sucks major… So yeah not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll just take a multi vitamin that has vitamin d in it so to help my lvls. I dunno we’ll see.

So yeah, don’t got a whole lot to talk about but I’ll try to post more next time. (^_^) Till then, laterz!


I’m slacking again… oh well… It can slide right now. My uncle passed away a couple days ago so there hasn’t been to much going on with me sense then. Just sitting around right now and watching video’s on youtube.

well sense I haven’t posted a quote lately here’s a few that I found and like….

“I sustain myself with the love of family.”
— Maya Angelou

“When your mother asks, “Do you want a piece of advice?” it’s a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.”
— Erma Bombeck

“All families are psychotic. Everybody has basically the same family – it’s just reconfigured slightly different from one to the next.”
— Douglas Coupland

Well, till next time. Laterz!