Thanksgiving and Stuff….

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. I have to say the only reason I like the holiday is cause I get to eat turkey and yams. Other wise I don’t care too much about the holiday. It’s also nice to get together with the family. But lets face it every ones there for the food. LOL. Anyways, I just thought I do a random post so I don’t start slacking….. again (>.<) …. Now then, Christmas is next month. Been worrying about getting everyone a present. Got my best friend and brothers taken care of. I just hope they’re happy with what I got them.

Moving on, two weeks till the next expansion to WoW comes out. The patch 4.0.3 came yesterday and it looks very different on the game now. I got a flower pet too. Though it was a pain is the ass to get. Had to fight some zombies to get it. It was a pain chain quest too. But I got 4 more to go till I get my lil fawn. So I gotta do some grinding for those pets. But with my luck they’ll start giving pets out after u hit 100 or something. Now that would be a pain in the ass. But I think it’s funny how they took out all the portals in dal and shatt. Anyone who plays knows where I’m talking about. I don’t mind that I have to back to using the zepp’s I’m just wondering how I’m gonna get my low lvls out of dal. So yeah, that’s it about WoW.

Planning on making cookies this weekend. Gonna make surgar cookies and chocolate chip. Just as long as I feel good, and can handle standing in the kitchen that long. So we’ll see how I feel that day. But I would like to get them done. Been planning them for a few weeks now.

Hmm anything else I can talk about on here. Ummmm, Nope. So I’ll shut up for now. Till next time. Laterz!

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