It’s Snowing….

It’s snowing outside and it’s actually sticking. Looks so pretty. (^_^) haha. Anyways, I got my haircut yesterday. I was tempted to go short but i didn’t. I stayed long and got a lot of choppy layers done. They pulled out the razor and went to it haha. So it was fun watching a student hair stylist cut my hair who only cut with a razor once before. She did a really good job. It was also funny cuz they kept calling Uruha from gazette a girl then I finally corrected them and told them he was a guy and they were like, “No way!” I brought in a pic of him to use as a reference to my haircut of what I wanted. Then after that went over to hang out with Cindy and stayed the night then came home. The night before I got my haircut I curled my hair and made my face look doll like and took pics. That was fun, I even put a bow in my hair. So yeah, not much else going on. So I’ll try to post again. Laterz!

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