My day…

Okay, well I had a doctor app. today. And that went as expected, the only thing that was unexpected is that they wanted to check my vitamin d lvl. So I got stabbed with a needle. Yay me. They changed a medication and I’m to make an app. with the brain doctor for my head ache meds. so yeah.

Moving on to another subject. I’ve been thinking about different makeup looks that I can do. And with winter coming up and it being my favorite time of the year, I’m gonna try to have some fun. ^_^ I know I want to try some different looks with silver, also ones with white. Those two colors make me think of the winter more then other colors so I’m prolly gonna base a few looks around them. Other colors that come to mind are baby blues, green, yellow, and red. Prolly cause they are so christmasy lol. With those colors I’ll see what I come up with. I know winter hasn’t officially started and its still fall but I really got no colors coming to me for this season. My solution is to moye onto winter lol.

Umm what else is there? Oh, I curled my hair and that turned out really cute. Didn’t think it would but it did.

I noticed I’m really starting to get lazy about posting. I was up to doing 2 posts a week now I’m doing maybe only 1. That’s not good for someone who’s trying to get back into writing. I mean, okay, yes I was sick for about almost 3 weeks but still. I should’ve at least done a short and sweet update. (Okay this is sad I’m chewing my self out on here LOL). Okay, I need to try and get moving and do more posts. Try and kick myself in the butt and get moving. That sounds like a plan.

Anyone who reads this is prolly thinking I’m having a conversation with myself. Which in a way I am. The only question is do I end up giving myself the silent treatment when I’m mad at myself LOL. Okay, I’m being weird. But that would be funny if someone got mad at them selves and started giving them selves the silent treatment. Don’t you think? I’m just that bored.

Okay, I’ll shut up for now. I’ll try to post again soon. Laterz!

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