I’m being lazy about posting I noticed. I think I’ll do a random post right now. Just to put something up. Other wise I’ll feel like I’m getting too lazy about it and before you know it I wont be posting anything at all for god knows how long. So here I go…

The next book I’m gonna start on I think is “Witches Incorporated” by: K.E. Mills. So I can start bringing down my pile of books sitting here on my desk. It’s not too long of a book so it shouldn’t take too long to read. That is if I don’t get interrupted a ton of times. Considering that usually happens when I start reading. Anyways, next subject.

Haven’t watched many movies. So don’t got much to say about movies. Though, I should look up to see whats coming out. But I did hear that they are planning on going ahead with the world of warcraft movie. Also they got the green light to go ahead with the Hobbit. I’m excited about that. I think they’re gonna start filming when it turns to spring in New Zealand. Also, I believe that Peter Jackson is Directing it as well. Well, they’re spliting it into 2 movies and I think he’s directing both. But I’ll have to look further into it so yeah. Yeah, that’s all I got on movies.

So onto something else. Let’s see here… Oh WoW, I haven’t been playing much. Been getting motion sickness easy lately. Also, sense I have to share a comp with my mom to play WoW I’ve been letting her play as much as she can. I’m more waiting till I can get either more hard drive space for my comp or a new comp before I play it like it’s crack. Like I was before that patch came out that made it so I couldn’t play on my comp.

I’ve still been practicing makeup. It’s been helping me get back into thinking about art. I’m thinking about improving my drawing skills. I can draw animals and cartoons no problem its just real life people that I have a problem with. So I’m gonna look into improving on that. I mean I’m not as good as my brother in any of the area’s of art but I want to at least Improve somewhat. It’s all about practice I know. Lately I’ve been doing mostly abstract kind of art. So yeah nothing to major. Oh and another thing I’ve been doing is working on different looks that I can do went taking pictures with the makeup I practice. Sort of put a theme to it. I might start either making clothes for the pictures or buying them from thrift store and making them so they work or something. But it’s something that I think would be fun.

Hmmm yeah I’ve kinda made this post a bit long. I just look at my other post and I don’t think they’re long enough so yeah I’m trying to ramble about nothing on here. Why you ask? To make my self feel better, that there’s more space taken up. Sad I know. But hey I’ve said it several times I’ll say it again, I’m weird and I know it.

Anyways, I guess if anyone is actually reading this. You’re prolly tired of reading now so I’ll just shut up. So till next time. Laterz!

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