Okay, as I said I would post something the day after Halloween so here I go. First of all I didn’t get to watch movies on Halloween like I wanted to. But I did get to hang out with my friend and we took pics. I did her makeup and mine. Also, made her a outfit completely out of leaves and tape. It turned out really cute. I wanna make something like that out of fake leaves and cloth so she can wear it when ever she wants or me which ever. The night before Halloween we hung out and watched a couple movies while eating candy. I ate so much I passed. It was worth it though.

We watched Pandorium I think that’s how ya spell it. Anyways, it was suppose to be a sci-fi/horror movie. It was an interesting movie. Not the greatest but not the worst. Then we watched Silence of the Lambs that was a good movie. Of course it was a classic thriller/horror movie. Otherwise I wasn’t able to watch any other movies for Halloween. So I’ll just have to watch the Scary movies sometime this week. Just because I want to.

Well I did get my stack of books down to 5 but they just went back up to 8. Can’t help it, I see a book I want I gotta get it to read. Plus the ones I got are continuations for some other books that I currently have and have read. So I say it okay. I’ll be able to continue with a series. Though, one is a new series that just coming out soooo yeah.

My cousin had his baby last night. And they didn’t know if it was gonna be a boy or girl till after it was born. It was a boy. His name is Alexander and he’s adorable. He looks just like my cousin. My brother, niece, and grandpa’s birthdays are all within this next week. So this is going to be a busy week with birthdays. my other brother has to leave for a few weeks for work and wont be back till next month.

Umm what else can I talk about on here? hmmm not sure. I guess I’ll just post again when i think of something else to talk about. Laterz!

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