It’s so sad, I don’t have enough room on my comp for the 4.0.1 patch that came out on WoW today. So, now I’m just gonna play when my mom is babysitting my niece. Just until I can save up enough money for a new comp. Who knows how long that’ll take. But we’ll see. Though, I still am gonna buy cataclysm when it comes out.

So moving on, instead of reading I picked up my room a little bit. not much though. It’s still pretty cluttered and messy. I just wanted to be able to see my floor and not trip over my dog in the process. Guess that’s what happens when you have a tiny room and way to much stuff. It also doesn’t help that I have over 300 movies in my room and over 300 books in my room… Those take up a bit of space… <.< Sooo yeah…. Moving on…

I’ve been looking at alot of different things I can do with makeup. And I’m really liking the things you can do in special effects. My brother said he thinks that I can do it and that I have some artistic ability to do it. Though, I still need to practice. It’s so funny some people are hearing me talk about getting into makeup and they’re shocked. They’ve never seen me be so girly girl before. I tell them well you didn’t know me when I was younger. It was only after I turned 19 that I stopped wearing makeup all the time. Only cause I didn’t have the money to buy new stuff so I didn’t want to use up what I had. If i had the money or knew how to use a sewing machine I’d wear dresses everyday. People probably wouldn’t recognize me if they saw me if I had my way with a sewing machine. And an unlimited supply of cloth lol.

Hmmm, not sure what else to say at the moment and i’m tired so I’m gonna go to bed. Laterz!

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