I’m sitting here eating a 69cent bowl of noodles. Listening to some rock music and planning on doing some more reading. I finished one book now I only got 7 more to go yay! lol. But before I get back to reading I think I’m gonna play Loonybin for a little bit today. Just till I can’t stand to look at my computer screen anymore. Then after laying down and getting over my motion sickness I’ll pick up my next book and start reading that one. so much I want to do. Not really, but it is time consuming when you think about it. For some people they’d say that these two things are a waste of my time but I like to do them so how is reading a waste of time? I know when I started going on a reading binge, my doctor upped my meds saying its just not right. I’m still confused by that. I figured, of all things reading would be considered better then emerging myself into playing my games like it did before. But no, It apparently is worse. *mentally questions that* They sit there and lecture me to get out of the house but going to buy groceries and vising family is not enough. They basically want me to only, from what I’m gathering, to only basically sleep at home at that’s it. If I’m not on the move, apparently I’m full of shit and should be medicated for a mental disorder. I still need to find out what whacked out mental disorder they’ve given me. So in other words they think I’m full of shit and I’m faking my seizures. But why in Gods name would I fake something like that? I hate having people pay attention to me. I hate going to the doctor. So why would I fake something like that? Some one please answer me. Or do I have an alternate personality I don’t know about and have yet to confront? I don’t know. But I really don’t like it. But I’m on the verge of telling every doctor to just go to hell. Considering most of the ones I’ve been to only like to hear themselves talk. I dunno, everything’s just fucked if you ask me.

Well moving on, yeah I had to vent for a moment. But who doesn’t need to once and awhile?

Now, I think I’ve bitched enough for one day. And I’m sure if anyone actually does read these, you’d agree. so till next time. Laterz!

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