Well, got two more books to read so those have been added to my stack of books. Now I got about eight books to read on my desk. One I’m almost done with, only got about 100 pages to go then I’ll be done. Then I’ll move on to the next one. I’d like to get all these books done soon just so I feel like I’ve accomplished something. So I’m gonna try to get them read within the next two months. That shouldn’t be a problem, it takes me 3 days to read a 500 page book. Though, that’s if I’m really into it. So we’ll see what happens.

I watched a show online yesterday called Mad Mad House. It was one of those reality show things. It was very interesting. I actually really liked it and I don’t usually like those kind of shows. But I think I liked it cause it wasn’t all about the drama on there. I will say that the vampire guy on there Don, if I was in that house, he’d have to wrestle me for his coffin back. Omg I loved that way he dressed and the coffin he slept in. I don’t believe myself to be a vampire I just like that kind of stuff. I dunno I’ve always just been kinda drawn towards it. Weird I know. But hey what can ya do? Me? I’ve just excepted it as part of me and I like it! lol.

Okay, now that everyone thinks that I’m weird or weirder then before lets move on! YAY! lol.

Well, concerning our dog Jeb. My parents decided to keep him. They want to try and crate train him. So to protect all the furniture in the house from being torn apart. I’m also gonna crate train Rocko. And it also just makes sense to crate train them both and not leave one out of a crate while the oter one is in one. It would be like we’re punishing them to me. We also gotta fix our fence cause Rocko is being a lil ninja getting out of the yard. He’s not digging to get under the fence but rather he rams it till he can get his head under it then weasels the rest of him self out. and when he gets out he’s out. He won’t be coming back. And it scares me in this neighborhood cause people race around here while they drive. They don’t really pay attention. A person’s animal get’s out they’re basically road kill. And I don’t want that to happen to Rocko. So yeah that’s whats been happenin with the poochies.

Not sure what to talk about now so if I think of anything else I’ll just save it for my next post. Laterz!

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