Good Day….

Well, I had a good day today. Hung out with my friend and saw the movie Case 39. Okay, first of all that movie was not the best but it wasn’t bad. I’m not saying I’d never watch it again I’d just have to be really bored to watch it again. Personally I’d give it a C rating. The acting was good, of course. I’m a person who appropriates a movie with good acting. I don’t like movies where the actors don’t give it there all and you can tell the emotions are fake. Soo yeah those are my thoughts on that movie.

But onto other things that have been on my mind. I’ve been having a lot of dreams. Last night I had a dream that I put a snake around my neck and everyone kept telling me not to fall asleep with it but I wanted to so bad. I felt so relaxed with it next to me and really anxious when I had to leave it behind. It was one of those dreams that just doesn’t leave you. I also had a dream of this girl who wanted to be a ganji and I guess a ganji was a swordsman of sorts. The girl was a princess and a water bender but she hated that and she instead wanted to be the ganji. I’m not sure it was one of those dreams that just struck me with inspiration of sorts. I have had a lot of other dreams but they didn’t stand out to me as those two did.

A book I’ve been wating for is coming out here in a few days and I can’t wait. It’s called the Spirit Thief By: Rachel Aaron. She’s a new author but I’m excited to read the books not sure why. I’ve only read a little bit of it and I want more. What can I say call me a nerd. Other then that I don’t think I got much else to say about books.

Anyways can’t think of much else to write so I think I’ll leave it at that. So laterz!

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