Okay, I still have a cough and a stuffy nose but I’m not like I was. Which is a relief. I felt good enough to practice some makeup today. Sense I’m so blind I usually do one look a day. Because I have to sit in front of the mirror for almost an hr and a half doing one look. No matter how difficult it is. I think the only time it takes me about 15mins to do my make up is when I only do foundation and eyeliner and mascara. That’s it. But at least I’m practicing. ^_^

So, on to other thoughts. I’m excited for Halloween. Even though I’m not gonna do anything special. I’m still excited for it. It’s the time of the year for candy and horror movies! Yay!! I don’t need to dress up to make it special for me or go out and party. I just want to sit and eat my favorite snacks that only come out this time of the year and watch all the horror movies I can get my hands on. hehe. *Devil horns pops out* Okay now I’m being a dork, moving on….

Still got 5 books to read. Working on the slowly.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. And I’m not looking forward to it. Usually when I go there nothing happens besides the doctor chewing me out for not getting out of the house more. He doesn’t know how much I try to do what he asks. But when you’re so exhausted you don’t want to get out of bed how the hell do you want to leave your house. Me doing this makeup and trying to hang out with my friend when ever she has time is the most I’m physically able to do without throwing my self into a seizure. So yeah. Some people will say I’m just making excuses not to do anything but if you knew me before all this shit started. You’d know how active I was and how much I wasn’t at home. Now I’m constantly at home and I hate it. So yeah, there’s my moment of a ranting.

Hmm at a bit of a loss of what else to talk about at the moment. I think my next post I’ll either do the day of Halloween or the day after. Who knows if I get bored I might do one sooner. Anyways, Laterz!


I’ve been sick the past few days. So that’s why I haven’t posted anything for a few days. I’ve been feeling like doing makeup too which kinda sucks cause I don’t want to invite my friends over and get them sick while I do their makeup.

Random thought: Why is it when you can’t do something you feel like doing it nonstop, and when you can, you don’t wanna do it very much?

So yeah, I’ve mostly been laying in bed watching movies or sleeping. And when I’m not feeling overly nauseated I’ll get on the comp to make sure I haven’t missed anything with my favorite authors or makeup artists ^_^

This post is going to be short and sweet so I’ll post again when I feel better. Laterz!


Okay, first of all yesterday, I spoiled myself with buying some makeup. Then I surprised my mom with some perfume. She was really happy with. She also wants to go back to that store for more. Hehe. But for the most part I hung out with my aunt. Had a lot of fun. My aunt also asked me to help her cut her hair, she couldn’t get to the back so she had to explain it to me on how to do it. I was so nervous I was shaking. I didn’t want to mess up her hair. Fortunately her hair turned out good. So that made me happy with my little bit of help I did. Not sure if I want to cut someones hair again with out practicing on some sort of dummy or something first.

You know it’s interesting, sense I’ve been doing my makeup more often now guys are coming up to talk to me more. And I still act and dress the same way I just have makeup on that’s the only difference. I wonder why. Am I that scary with out make up on?? I can only wonder. Oh well. But as far as guys go I’m not going to get into a relationship anytime soon I think. I just want friends right now and NOT friend with benefits. Just friends. People to hang out with and talk to. If I do end up getting a guy friend that ends up leading into more then, it leads to more. It’s just not something that I’m wanting right now. If you know what I mean. Right now I just have the attitude if it happens it does, if not, then it doesn’t.

I’m not making this a very happy post am I? Hmm, not sure how to change that. Oh well, get what ya get. I’m so nice haha. Anyways I’m not sure what else to talk about right now so I’ll post again in a couple days. Laterz!


It’s so sad, I don’t have enough room on my comp for the 4.0.1 patch that came out on WoW today. So, now I’m just gonna play when my mom is babysitting my niece. Just until I can save up enough money for a new comp. Who knows how long that’ll take. But we’ll see. Though, I still am gonna buy cataclysm when it comes out.

So moving on, instead of reading I picked up my room a little bit. not much though. It’s still pretty cluttered and messy. I just wanted to be able to see my floor and not trip over my dog in the process. Guess that’s what happens when you have a tiny room and way to much stuff. It also doesn’t help that I have over 300 movies in my room and over 300 books in my room… Those take up a bit of space… <.< Sooo yeah…. Moving on…

I’ve been looking at alot of different things I can do with makeup. And I’m really liking the things you can do in special effects. My brother said he thinks that I can do it and that I have some artistic ability to do it. Though, I still need to practice. It’s so funny some people are hearing me talk about getting into makeup and they’re shocked. They’ve never seen me be so girly girl before. I tell them well you didn’t know me when I was younger. It was only after I turned 19 that I stopped wearing makeup all the time. Only cause I didn’t have the money to buy new stuff so I didn’t want to use up what I had. If i had the money or knew how to use a sewing machine I’d wear dresses everyday. People probably wouldn’t recognize me if they saw me if I had my way with a sewing machine. And an unlimited supply of cloth lol.

Hmmm, not sure what else to say at the moment and i’m tired so I’m gonna go to bed. Laterz!


Well, I finished the book “The Spirit Thief” By: Rachel Aaron last night around 12:30 am yay me. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for the next book for come out next month. Next I’m gonna start on the book “Feed” By: Mira Grant. I always read some of the beginning of a book before I fully start to read it to know if I’m gonna like it. And I do like “Feed” so far from what I’ve read. I also like that it’s going to be a series. Though, I like most books that turn out to be a series. Just as long as they aren’t 15 books long to get to the end. Those ones are just a pain in the ass, if you know what I mean. That and the money adds up trying to get all the books for that one damn series to end. I don’t mind spending money on books, but sheesh when you need 15 books to get to the end of a series you’ve just dragged it out. And I don’t feel it’s worth my time. I’ll put that much effort looking for new books to find and new authors that I want to look into.

Now that I got that out of my mind. I’m gonna go read for awhile. I’ll post again here either tomorrow or the next day. Who knows maybe I’ll post again tonight if I get bored. haha. Anyways, laterz!



I’m sitting here eating a 69cent bowl of noodles. Listening to some rock music and planning on doing some more reading. I finished one book now I only got 7 more to go yay! lol. But before I get back to reading I think I’m gonna play Loonybin for a little bit today. Just till I can’t stand to look at my computer screen anymore. Then after laying down and getting over my motion sickness I’ll pick up my next book and start reading that one. so much I want to do. Not really, but it is time consuming when you think about it. For some people they’d say that these two things are a waste of my time but I like to do them so how is reading a waste of time? I know when I started going on a reading binge, my doctor upped my meds saying its just not right. I’m still confused by that. I figured, of all things reading would be considered better then emerging myself into playing my games like it did before. But no, It apparently is worse. *mentally questions that* They sit there and lecture me to get out of the house but going to buy groceries and vising family is not enough. They basically want me to only, from what I’m gathering, to only basically sleep at home at that’s it. If I’m not on the move, apparently I’m full of shit and should be medicated for a mental disorder. I still need to find out what whacked out mental disorder they’ve given me. So in other words they think I’m full of shit and I’m faking my seizures. But why in Gods name would I fake something like that? I hate having people pay attention to me. I hate going to the doctor. So why would I fake something like that? Some one please answer me. Or do I have an alternate personality I don’t know about and have yet to confront? I don’t know. But I really don’t like it. But I’m on the verge of telling every doctor to just go to hell. Considering most of the ones I’ve been to only like to hear themselves talk. I dunno, everything’s just fucked if you ask me.

Well moving on, yeah I had to vent for a moment. But who doesn’t need to once and awhile?

Now, I think I’ve bitched enough for one day. And I’m sure if anyone actually does read these, you’d agree. so till next time. Laterz!


Well, got two more books to read so those have been added to my stack of books. Now I got about eight books to read on my desk. One I’m almost done with, only got about 100 pages to go then I’ll be done. Then I’ll move on to the next one. I’d like to get all these books done soon just so I feel like I’ve accomplished something. So I’m gonna try to get them read within the next two months. That shouldn’t be a problem, it takes me 3 days to read a 500 page book. Though, that’s if I’m really into it. So we’ll see what happens.

I watched a show online yesterday called Mad Mad House. It was one of those reality show things. It was very interesting. I actually really liked it and I don’t usually like those kind of shows. But I think I liked it cause it wasn’t all about the drama on there. I will say that the vampire guy on there Don, if I was in that house, he’d have to wrestle me for his coffin back. Omg I loved that way he dressed and the coffin he slept in. I don’t believe myself to be a vampire I just like that kind of stuff. I dunno I’ve always just been kinda drawn towards it. Weird I know. But hey what can ya do? Me? I’ve just excepted it as part of me and I like it! lol.

Okay, now that everyone thinks that I’m weird or weirder then before lets move on! YAY! lol.

Well, concerning our dog Jeb. My parents decided to keep him. They want to try and crate train him. So to protect all the furniture in the house from being torn apart. I’m also gonna crate train Rocko. And it also just makes sense to crate train them both and not leave one out of a crate while the oter one is in one. It would be like we’re punishing them to me. We also gotta fix our fence cause Rocko is being a lil ninja getting out of the yard. He’s not digging to get under the fence but rather he rams it till he can get his head under it then weasels the rest of him self out. and when he gets out he’s out. He won’t be coming back. And it scares me in this neighborhood cause people race around here while they drive. They don’t really pay attention. A person’s animal get’s out they’re basically road kill. And I don’t want that to happen to Rocko. So yeah that’s whats been happenin with the poochies.

Not sure what to talk about now so if I think of anything else I’ll just save it for my next post. Laterz!

Good Day….


Well, I had a good day today. Hung out with my friend and saw the movie Case 39. Okay, first of all that movie was not the best but it wasn’t bad. I’m not saying I’d never watch it again I’d just have to be really bored to watch it again. Personally I’d give it a C rating. The acting was good, of course. I’m a person who appropriates a movie with good acting. I don’t like movies where the actors don’t give it there all and you can tell the emotions are fake. Soo yeah those are my thoughts on that movie.

But onto other things that have been on my mind. I’ve been having a lot of dreams. Last night I had a dream that I put a snake around my neck and everyone kept telling me not to fall asleep with it but I wanted to so bad. I felt so relaxed with it next to me and really anxious when I had to leave it behind. It was one of those dreams that just doesn’t leave you. I also had a dream of this girl who wanted to be a ganji and I guess a ganji was a swordsman of sorts. The girl was a princess and a water bender but she hated that and she instead wanted to be the ganji. I’m not sure it was one of those dreams that just struck me with inspiration of sorts. I have had a lot of other dreams but they didn’t stand out to me as those two did.

A book I’ve been wating for is coming out here in a few days and I can’t wait. It’s called the Spirit Thief By: Rachel Aaron. She’s a new author but I’m excited to read the books not sure why. I’ve only read a little bit of it and I want more. What can I say call me a nerd. Other then that I don’t think I got much else to say about books.

Anyways can’t think of much else to write so I think I’ll leave it at that. So laterz!